Curator Mission Gallery-Eugene C Frank

The works you are about to see down our long hall, are paintings by German Immigrant  Eugene C. Frank.  An impressionist who came to the United States in the midst of our Civil War.


Buffalo at sunset- orange -yellow glow

the front range feels this heaviness where the raging river flows

I follow the trail of familiar roads.


Landscape grows from my window pane

Can’t escape it’s form.

Coat draped over my hat and cane

The aftermath of the coming storm

I follow the trail of unfamiliar pasts.

I follow the trail, have we been on this road before?

farmhouse (2)

I’ve come to two roads that lead somewhere

one is beaten and one is filled with growth

I’ve traveled valleys and mountain tops

and I’ve hung on at the end of my rope

I’ve come to the farmhouse

Have I been on this road before?


Cottages on the side of a riverbank

Houses on the side of the road

Tables are full of bounty and grace

like the song of the humble abode

It’s just a song of walking on

the narrow road.

Eugene C Frank

Somewhere in Europe I can imagine

somewhere by the garden of light

Somewhere in Europe

bound to return

to where I met you that night

Something familiar here, like on the road home

Something I wish I would have said, baby, let’s go home.

ocean (2)

The sea breeze flies through the opening

and the mist sprays my face again

the painter paints from his memory

to the scene of where he’s been

let’s do it over again- this road is so familiar.

Just like his great grand daughter

His love is so familiar.


Yardstick # May 31, 2013

Daily: May 30 reads= + 53

YTD= 34,341

Average daily reads= 189 Daily Reads

New show on terrestrial WMCA:

AM 570 and is excited to announce that People to People Ministries is back on the air in New York City with a brand new broadcast, Basic Gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, powerful and life-changing. Talk radio delivers it straight to the heart.

Join the conversation each weekday at 4:00pm as Bob Christopher, Bob Davis and Richard Peifer apply the Basic Gospel to life’s most important issues.

Phone lines are open at 1-800-677-9377

The Basic Gospel show is looking forward to reconnecting with many wonderful friends. For those who are new, please visit their facebook, twitter and website below.

Celtic songs and prayers in Brooklyn


From a home in Brooklyn, NY the streets sound like a playful United Nations meeting. The parade grounds have never been more diverse than they are on this day. Spanish, African languages, Brooklyneese and even a sense of southern drawl; Cajun French and Haitian with a rhythm of Italian and Asian. The mix is as diverse as the bakeries that line Flatbush and Caton Avenue. Then somewhere a drum, a cello and a guitar ring from a studio overlooking a park where Futbol is being spoken. The tune is familiar and the chords somehow wind their way into the hearts and the minds of the parents. Achingly beautiful like the language that the Soccer ball transcends in the park. The words are Biblical, they communicate love and an awakening: A man from Puerto Rico hums the melody and Scottish woman speaks of the great bard whom the lyrics belonged to, the preacher preaches a different message with the same loving tongue of the poet and the singer sings:

Flow fully, fresh Spirit among city streets

Flow fully through alley ways and to all that you meet

Awaken the sleeping by murmuring streams

Flow fully sweet spirit… and fulfill God’s dream.

The kids continue with their playing on this sunny day in May. The songs are part of a world music that is taking traditions to the street and bring the message of God’s love to the people. Not for show, not for performance and not for success. In local Pastor Jim Cymbala’s landmark book “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire,” he warns of the gods of our day who are as dangerous as the Canaanite gods of Baal or Asherah, “we must beware a god in our time called Success.” A simple form of fellowship is found on the parade grounds soccer field today. And it is found in the home of the Celtic singer who is where world music, Christian approach is being shared. “This is what the house church can be, a serendipity form of prayer and praise with a simple melody,” the worship leader says. “There was a time when the fame and the fortune were the lure of the music and the lyrics for me,” he says.

The God of Brooklyn

Now it is a form of prayer and communication that the message can ride on. The mission is friendship and fellowship and to take the traditions that are close to our hearts and Biblicize them- and that the one and living God becomes the focus. Jesus becomes our approach and our song; and the power flows fully among our cities, through the Holy Spirit” he continues. “I refuse my name to be used in this exercise, because it simply is not what is important. It is THIS dialogue with God and with this neighborhood that we sing and pray through .” In June

Through Brooklyn to Glasgow resound in our hearts

from Bedford to Fairfax, renew and restart

Like eagles who fly through the turbulent sky

Flow fully Fresh Spirit and flow in our lives


Renew and Restart- Taking it to the streets

“We decided to begin with the Celtic tradition” the hymn writer tells us, “because it is simple and it can flow into all these other traditions.” “When worship becomes like a summer street fair or a winter coffee house then we are living a genuine heritage. We are no longer slaves to our traditions but we are free. Next month we might explore the Jamaican and the gospel sounds, it will be a different rhythm and yet through harmonies and singing the prayers will bring hearts and minds together in worshiping Jesus.

Our offerings of sticks and stones or precious gems

Pastor Cymbala writes, “Warren Wiersbe made an observation about the passage from (1 Cor 3:13) where Paul writes that there will come  a day “when our work will be revealed for what it is.” “It will be revealed by fire,” Cymbala paraphrases, “The gold, silver, and precious stones will endure while the wood,hay,and straw will go up in smoke.” “What’s the difference between these materials, besides the obvious-that one group is fireproof while the other isn’t?” asked Wiersbe to the Brooklyn Tabernacle staff. “I think it is significant that wood, hay and straw are abundant and right outside our door. But if you want gold, silver and costly stones, you have to dig for them. You have to pursue with great effort. They are not just lying around, you have to go deep into the earth.”

Flow Fully Fresh Spirit

The love that is in the game that the children are playing at the parade grounds is different than what our ancestors played. Balls and bats have been replaced by feet on a round ball, nets and wood, metal and boxes have replaced the diamond and the dirt, the circles and the backstops. The spirit still flows in the fellowship and the laughter in this meeting of the United Nations. And the songs and prayers for the children fill the air, like a street fair- flowing fully at Caton Avenue and Flatbush.

Communication is key with couples, families and friends. But as the pastor said in this story,  you might have to dig and give it your all to apply the principles. But you and I are worth it, and through it all a counselor has dug enough to find: Sign up for free. The National Prayer Examiner is doing a series of re-arranging familiar ethnic folk songs, and bringing prayer to the mix. Todays piece is the traditional Celtic tune “Flow Gently Sweet Afton.” If you have an original or traditional song-prayer and you are located in New York, Vantage Point wants to share your music and words with our readers, listeners and viewers. For more go to

You wanna talk? Start here!

mean nunYARDSTICK # 188 DAILY READS. YTD# 34,288

In investments, politics, media and advertising  it is easy to be a little too close to the action to be objective. Along the Front Range the Ministry of Leadership and Communications has been a diverse group of leaders who come from entrepreneurial; business; journalism and even music, and pastoral leadership. So when Mission Coffee Roasters opened a couple of months ago in Colorado Springs, MLC began pouring shots and looking out at the Front Range while brain steering a new idea a week to bring community together.  “What has happened is that the Front Range Community group has brought to the table 26 of 52 new ideas and projects that focus on much more than the Front Range. “We’ve expanded in reaching the New York City metropolitan area with new media platforms; church planting and coffee house communities,” said the group leader. At the midpoint of the new year and the third quarter of the fiscal year the focal points have been encouraging:


Evangelism: From Ancient Paths House Church Network in Denver and Colorado Springs and planting churches with Word and Spirit, MLC is continuing to find new places to worship and to bring community together. In mid-June the annual inner city missions team will be working in the Globeville and Capitol Hill Neighborhoods in Denver. An editorial and media campaign to start ministries to rescue people involved in Human Trafficking in areas of NY City is in the works as well as other ministries that MLC is partnering with.


Special Needs Ministry: A guide was published and two new Friendship Fellowships were started with plans to expand to Canyon City and Centennial, with exploratory ideas to begin in Brooklyn and Suffolk County, NY. The guide is part of the digital publishing group that is beginning training sessions for people to volunteer and develop special needs pastors for Friendship Fellowship.


A new media that feeds a hungry culture: MLC is partnering with content providers to being a new platform to market. Vantage Point: World Media Christian Approach brings people the message, the mission and the music starting with New York City. A group of producers, hosts, musicians and publications are building the platform with an internet media group. VP-WMCA has also started an advertising firm who will rival Madison Avenue firms with Likewise. A new digital publishing group that was started by MLC is  Triology3: Reads, Listens and Views. “Impacting media is still about great journalism; web presence- social media; great music; Audio, Video, Books, and Cinema. It is the devices that people consume on that makes the difference and that’s why the platform needs to be inclusive.” This is according to one of the media leaders who networks with MLC. and Clarity media takes a passive role by publishing the Monday Denver Evangelical Examiner; Tuesday, Denver Special Needs Examiner, Wednesday, Denver Media and Culture Examiner; Thursday’s The National Prayer Examiner and Friday’s The Front Range Examiner. Melting Pot- World Music Christian Approach is the music publishing downloadable site that is on demand and broadcasted on internet radio. There is an art gallery that is part of the musical feed. The music is diverse and original with traditional aspects in the mix and it comes from NY City area churches and neighborhoods, with all kinds of ethnic backgrounds. “Maybe it should be branded as World Music Christian Attitudes,” joked one of the leaders.

Prayer and Praise: Prayer point is a regular column, and activity of prayer in the planning process as well as devotional material such as “The Daily Balance.” The main thing is that the groups gather every Thursday at Mission Coffee Roasters and in various place in other cities.  An e-mail set up by MLC takes prayer requests from readers, listeners and viewers.

FREX community building: The fifth point is community building and community impact. “It really is more Front Range thinking and that we start here along the Front Range by getting leaders involved within their neighborhoods. It’s more like coming up with the right questions and the right situations to work real community into people’s lifestyles. “If you remember FREX was the bus that ran along the Front Range- Front Range Express, gave commuters more planning and work time, reading time and allowed for networking on the bus. That is what we are doing with our coffeehouses planted in churches and communities, an informal place to hang out with the purpose of community gatherings. The idea is to have the church be the community center in neighborhoods, leading studies, relationship building and outreach as well as a place where original music, content and outreach is planned to what the culture has termed “the least of these.”

There is no cure for the common cold- and their ain’t no cure for The Summer time blues. Ah! and HA! put together equals and ah-ha moment!

There is a cure for the communications challenged. Start here- where eye contact, conversation and better relationships are only a talk away. is an active member of the Ministry of Leadership and Communications and Vantage Point: World Media Christian Approach.

So when your spouse, boss; friend or neighbor says “Don’t go there” go here: Meaningful talk-Made easy.

Melting Pot- Prayers that sing


Traditional music and folk processed words have bolstered up communities since the days of Pentecost. Intimate worship and the portable chapel of guitar and voice come together with energy and relevance with an emphasis on truth. A project that will be hitting the airwaves and broadband in New York City is “Beatitude- Celtic music, today’s prayer.” This will be done through Melting Pot Praise and Worship and will be aired on Vantage Point- World Media Christian Approach a new media Network platform. “We will be taking traditional and original music and singing out prayers and Biblical Truth,” the music publisher told the National Prayer Examiner. “We will take the sounds of ethnic music starting with Celtic Prayers and Traditional Tunes to Jazz, Gospel; Call and Response, Blues, Calypso; Middle and Far Eastern and also original songs.” The idea is to have Praise and Worship originate from New York neighborhood churches and integrate the sounds into a new format. The Melting Pot Sound is an authentic flavor that will be heard live at church coffee houses and reflect the prayers of the local communities throughout the city. “The Vantage Point brand is “World Media Christian Approach,” and the art galleries at the coffee houses will also reflect each ethnicity of the music and in some cases even the coffee! In this case the brand is World MUSIC Christian Approach, with the Melting Pot forum.


subway-scene-05 Back-Fence-Bar-and-Restaurant-Winter-New-York-PC2441-sm


Starting with Celtic

The traditional Irish Catholic families and the Scottish Presbyterian families who originated from Brooklyn  and now are found on the North and South Shore of Nassau and Suffolk Counties are migrating to the city again to seek their roots. Many times the songs surround the prayers of the Mass with the Gloria, Kyrie; Sanctus and Agnus Dei. The folk styled music will reflect these pieces. Then comes the traditional pieces used for the poems of Robert Burns and traditional songs like “The Water is Wide” (tune is Wally-Wally).


bakwellmotherwell church_of_the_ascension

Woman at the well

“The water is life” the people sing. “I shall not thirst. And neither have- I fear to die. Give me a cup that will bring us to and I will drink, from Jacob’s well.”

His love is giving, His love is kind

It pours and flows, through heart and mind

His love renews and carries through

and we shall drink from Jacob’s well.

The people sing the familiar and the personalization and the history of the “Woman at the Well” is something they can fix their minds on. And then the truth as we sing in our Samaria:

He knows your past, He knows your future. His breath will breathe, His lips bring truth.

And all the things of earth shall die- the water springs and brings new life.

Jesus in the village

Speaking and singing the love language of God

Pastor Jim Cymbala writes in “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” that the revelation that he got, when he was about to quit the ministry in the early days of  Brooklyn Tabernacle: “Prayer.” He was praying during respite for some answers. The impression that changed his perspective was that “you know a popular church by how many people come to Sunday service, a popular pastor, by who attends on Sunday evening, but you know a neighborhood that is pursuing Christ by how many people come to the prayer meeting,” from that point forward Brooklyn Tab never looked back. Pastor Cymbala has described the prayer at Brooklyn Tab to sound like a delivery room at times.

He knows your name, he knows your thoughts

He brings you life, He formed your heart

And when we follow, He builds your dreams

Spring out this life, at Jacob’s well


Melting Pot:

Send your songs original and traditional (or combination) in a digital file to:

We are accepting music and words from NY churches. Please give us as much background information as you can. Need prayer? Send your prayers to

Learning how to talk to one another is getting harder and harder in relationships. For breakthroughs there is Developed by counselor Keith Dorscht, this is something we all can use! From June 10-15 the National Prayer Examiner will be leading worship; preaching, teaching and taking people on prayer walks in Denver through Ancient Paths House Church Network. If you would like to join us e-mail



Yardstick- the new media measurement

Timelines are one thing but through advertising and media reach we are based on more accurate reads on who is reading you; listening to you and who is watching or viewing you.  After years of measuring ad sales; book sales, Arbitron and Nielsen ratings the people who give you Vantage Point- World Media Christian Approach have compiled a blue collar approach and a wooden measurement system that strikes fear into every former Catholic School boy who was corrected, challenged and changed by a one yard long piece of lumber- the yardstick.

mean nunShe may strike fear into you, but her measurements are always accurate! But seriously, one of the things that our leadership team found is by taking social media; blog-sites and a daily balance approach to relating to people who were regularly reading, listening and viewing our content,  then taking the donations from our ministry and foundations, the return on investment for our advertisers, adding affiliate measurements from affiliate marketing groups, then reading the findings of Arbitron, Nielsen and Quantcast the foundation of our reads, listens and views are laid.  But that is not where it stops.

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pintrest, Google-plus and then the measurements found on feedback, circulation feeds; with donors and supporters; letters and first- responders, return on investment stats, Google analytics and daily tracking and analysis we get to the Yardstick number, the bottom line of reads, listens and views. For instance Vantage Point- WMCA started the reads part of things to build readership that would give feedback to cultivating programs for audio and visual. We found that the best way to proceed was to build an online platform that would link to publishing, audio and video. In a weeks time we got feedback from our focus groups at 5 points of influence. This group gathers data, editorial and trends in areas of evangelism; special needs ministry, media that feeds a hungry culture, prayer and community building.

From reads alone last week Vantage point syndicated to social media through Linked in where we had 5,151 reads, three Facebook pages that garnered 1572 reads; 1200 Twitter reads and through the Denver Evangelical Examiner the daily average with the Vantage Point Word Press BLOG came to almost 400 direct reads, World Media just over 700 reads. Feedback was from 12 percent of that group and affiliated advertising about 2 percent.

9023 total reads

1082 feedback and votes (response form)

180 people responded to affiliated marketing


Yardstick Number for last week = 1289 Daily Reach

Response= 1082 votes (divided by 7)

Daily sales= $154

Ad percentage= $15 a day

Revenue= 180 x average sale of $6.50= $1170

The foundation of reads, listens and views

Reads and publishing Point

Triology publications: Studies-relationship and Outreach

Five Point Leadership Curriculum

Give, grow, guide- Guides to all out ministry


So the foundation on reads is logged. The basis is to track ups and downs and trends.  The feedback allows us to know how to proceed with Vantage Point-WMCA. The programs that were voted on are:

Audio and Digital Radio:

Your Daily Balance- the morning show (in development)

Daily Audio Bible: Brian Hardin:

World Music Christian Approach ( 2hours daily of original music from NY churches- in development)


Mission Fields audio magazine (in development)

Friendship Fellowship

Adventures in Odyssey (weekends)

Everyday Relationships with Greg Smalley

Guidepost Audio Magazine

Studies relationship and outreach

Chapter x chapter- audio books (in development)

News source- real news for real people (in development)

Video and Views-

Christian Film Festivals

Mission Coffee House- message, mission and music

Webinars and websites

The Communication Cure:

Friendship Ministries Webinar on Mentoring people with special needs

Yardstick and Likewise- The new alphabetical order

In measuring our foundation progress allows Vantage Point to get an interactive view into the programming and scheduling that we will invest in when the network launches in September.  We have asked every program to bring us 7 advertisers who are willing to invest $14 a spot 4 times a day. Yardstick allows us to measure their return on that investment of $56 a day which helps us determine the effectiveness of their ad dollar. (See Likewise).












The Communications Cure

Friendship Fellowship: It started in 2010 with a room full of agency faces. Some left when they heard of a plan to begin a church for people with intellectual disabilities that would start in Denver and systematically plant churches up and down Interstate 25. Fearful of losing their tax-free status many of these leaders and managers were dealing with their own personal preferences, realities and prejudices regarding church. Were they church-a-phobic? Possibly. Were they victims of a system that takes in government money beholding to a system of law and order that does the minimum rather than empowering people with special needs to express their faith? Bingo! The breakthrough question of the day. Fast forward to one agency that took a stand and the stand is slowly bringing good news to other agencies in Denver from spreading to Colorado Springs and beyond soon to New York.

Ministry: At the weekly gathering of Ministry of Leadership and Communications and the Five Points Group, leaders discussed the future plans for Friendship Fellowship. “We started with ministry and evangelism, the first point of influence for community building,” said the anonymous founder of the group. MLC is a group of pastors; church planters; educators, journalists and entrepreneurs who are breaking ground in ministry and mission opportunities, leadership in community building and equipping men and women, specifically married couples; and in media development that feeds a hungry culture. “This includes people with intellectual or physical disabilities. The foundation is evangelism and to stare the misconception of separation of church and state in the way it is being represented by the so called progressive politics of our day.”  The focus on ministry for a church planter is entrepreneurial. Planting churches must have a support beam that includes financial return on investment and also prayer support. “We look for the open landscapes of the under served and the spiritually under-nourished,” the leader begins. A church planter is the guy or the couple who comes in and digs, gets the rototiller into the ground and kills the weeds and plants the dreams in the barren land!’ He constantly prunes and cuts out dead wood, grafts new branches, pours water and feeds and nourishes.”

Leadership: With evangelism as the backbone to a group that constantly finds new ways to deliver the message, finds new fields to plant the mission; and integrates media and music into the seed mix, the leadership is constantly tweaking the mission map and with technology finding better ways to communicate calling and purpose. “Everyday is business and ministry planning as we go.” The farm and planting analogy of an orchard and dropping seeds is biblical and it is current. Adapting for drought or flood conditions; storms, irrigation; rotating crops and all kinds of growth is the way Jesus taught in the gospels. Management was also taught in that way with investment and how to treat people. Servant leadership is spoken and practiced in the gospel, ways to gather support; and to rely on God’s provision is the business model for any ministry, any leadership organization and any communications group. “It’s a proven science that we talk about in our research and development meetings.” With Ancient Paths and Word and Spirit; we lay down the evangelical roots that spread throughout the scientific method of God’s Biblical Mindset; A Christ-like approach; and relying on the power from a grant from the Holy Spirit.”  Friendship Fellowship is expanding reach with three fellowship gatherings in Denver and Colorado Springs. “Our goal now is to train new leaders and to multiply through leadership and outreach,” says the pastor.

Communications: MLC and Five Points is getting prepared for their annual inner city missions training with Ancient Paths and Pilgrim Church in Denver. This next season Friendship Fellowship will begin in planting churches in neighborhoods and community centers. On Wednesday nights starting in the fall the leadership of Friendship will begin a series of studies; relationship building and outreach at Mission Coffee Roasters. “The idea is to bring 12 couples together who will study the word, build friendships and relationships in their neighborhoods and together reach out specifically to areas in their cities that need attention. “We want to start, gain support and sustain the mission and to reach out to mission fields.” If you are interested in joining the group of twelve couples please e-mail Friends and Fellowship begins on Wednesday, September 18 from 7-8:15 PM.  The location for the gathering is at Mission Coffee Roasters just north of Interquest Parkway at Voyager and Ridgeline.

Speaking of Communications have you heard about The Communications Cure from Keith Dorscht?  It is meaningful talk, made easy. Well that’s easy for you to say… Or is it?

The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is made up of Five Points of Ministry:

1. Evangelism

2. Special Needs

3. Media that feeds a hungry culture

4. Prayer

5. Community Building

E mail to get in the game! Read it here, listen and view it at Vantage point.