Progressive street church and desperation


At a Colorado Springs coffee house this morning- community happened. It is rarely a headline news story, but perhaps it is a bigger story than the press ares to cover. On line there was dialogue between men and women, barista and teachers. This morning and standing on line between cups of Joe, Dirty Chai; Americano and espresso.  In the house are teens preparing for a worship-workshop on writing songs and communicating the message, on mission and original and traditional music.  The planned discussion and planning session merged multiple demographic groups and discussed Biblical guides to community building.

Musical desperation

The Desperation Band at New Life Church has teens (or young adults)  who are standing in line with men and women from the Ministry-Leadership and Communications Institute who are laying down the groundwork of initiatives for seeking truth and with a combination of journalists; educators;musicians and entrepreneurs, producers; fundraisers and media professionals, the aroma of coffee roasting; the energy of ideas; and the fusion of creative, business and ministry types- the scheduled planning meeting met with the Desperation folks and the plans exploded into a cup of truth and grace with caffeine; mission and purpose. The discussion  this morning focused on researching and developing digital guides of community building in four major regions every quarter beginning in July.


Front Range of Denver; Colorado Springs

Inner city ministries are the backbone to two major initiatives of the Five Points Management Group, an urban community advocate that specializes in evangelism; special needs ministry; media and culture; prayer and community building. The group manages businesses; church and ministry and communities through the ministry, leadership and communications institute and works with city; county and state agencies and government to effect rehabilitation of  the physical; financial; and community surroundings and conditions as well as the spiritual side of urban renewal. Together and integrated Five Points believes will grow into revival. “We want to save marriages and restore families,” says a Pastor who is part of the group and is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Denver. “If we bring correction and love to the neighborhood, and we challenge our neighbors, they become empowered and compelled to embrace change!” In Colorado Springs the mission is less urban but is based on married couples from various churches participating in the institute’s studies; relationship and weekly outreach to group homes; city missions; and nursing and health care centers in our town. This week’s announcement started a new idea for what the group called ‘The Progressive Street Church,” which is a combination of prayer walking with praise and worshiping and preaching.


Orlando, Boston and New York     

This week MLC Institute will launch the test phase of the media platform, Vantage Point-New York. It will feature Daily Audio Bible, original urban praise movement sets; interviews and a counseling program called Heartline with Rita Schulte a christian counselor cased in Washington, DC. The platform is a partnership with Truli Media and is both streaming online and on demand. The goal is to get sponsors and advertisers to work with programmers and content providers to support the creative; production and distribution of great content.

Research and Development

“It is also the research and development lab for new programming that will engage readers; listeners and viewers from New York to Beverly Hills, and people from Canada to Florida, to Mexico and beyond.” This is also the type of multimedia group that is integrating media channels to influence and help people be better spouses; parents and neighbors involved in their communities. “We will most likely film the progressive street church in Denver; Colorado Springs, in July. Develop new urban praise music, messages and document how different pastors impact their neighborhoods in these cities,”  says the curator of message, mission and art.” It is worthwhile to note that in September Vantage Point will be hosting and training The Progressive Street Church in Orlando, October in Boston, and Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Your Church Coffeehouse

Mission Coffee Roasters and Cafe in Colorado Springs is the leading provider of “really good coffee with a mission” and helping churches develop a coffee ministry that encompasses fundraising; small groups; and resources for people in the community. For more information on this please e-mail or Like Mission Coffee on Facebook: for a free guide to “really good coffee with a mission” and/or follow us on Twitter:


Prayer walks and money talks




At a press conference and seminar with a guide to action points regarding ministry and leadership. the sun rose this morning. It is a law that we have seen repeated on this earth since day one. On this day, it was a press conference attended by a handful of reporters and networks who practiced safe espresso drinking in anticipation of the ‘next move’ that God would do. This is where the science of theology begins and where emotional science is left “wanting.” Today at the planning conference of the Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute, seven married couples watched the first seminar that demonstrated the scientific process that happens on a daily basis. It was not breaking news and it was not seen by everyone. Yet it inspired the breakthrough question of this day on the effects of global warming and no fault divorce. Both were related to the observation of the sun coming up and stewardship of our environment and relationships. One of the scientific theologians observed, “It should be the other way around, no fault-climate change; and responsible rehabilitation of marriage.”




What ever DOMA wants DOMA gets

Yesterday the Supreme Court voted down the Defense of Marriage Act allowing people with same- sex attractions to marry and receive benefits in the state of California. On the steps of the Supreme Court a Gay Men Chorus sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” If DOMA was upheld what song would have been performed is a question no one asked or speculated on. Yet this is one example of emotional science which is what social engineering is all about and it is key to understand and to publicly disprove. The only thing proven by the opinion was that God is still in control and the sun will rise in the east.






Bigots, Racists and Prayer

While the decision was made supporters of DOMA observed and made statements while men and women for gay marriage and benefits heckled and called the DOMA people, “bigots and racists.” The emotional science of humiliation and name calling and changing the meaning of words has eroded decency and has thwarted a dialogue in the culture. The prayer for the mockers and the bullies and the emotionally disturbed is that of what Jesus Christ said when he fought for our freedom and was mocked and bullied by an emotionally and politically intoxicated crowd “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Prayer Point is the Fourth point in planning and executing studies, relationships and outreach in the city, according to the leaders at Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute. It is a chief component of Five Points Management and is a key step in the theological scientific process of the process of 1.evangelism 2.outreach to the least of these 3. feeding a hungry culture with media they can be nourished and energized by 4. Private and public prayer and praise gatherings 5. Building strong communities at home, work, and neighborhood.

Theological Process

If the scientific process of theology was a ministry process it could be found in clarifying what is a Civil Right and what is a God given right and responsibility. God left us in charge of taking care of the earth and that includes responsibility. God made a man and a woman to help one another and to have children and to be the backbone of community called a family. God designed it that way. As a manager; as a community leader MLC trains others to manage and take care of the resources that we are given. And yet it would be foolishness to get legalistic to those who offend and who are violating their responsibility as it applies to greed and carelessness. Followers of Christ know this as it comes to forcing political and social change to those “who know not what they do.” Chuck Colson said once “Why get angry at a blind man; when he steps on your foot?”

MLC Curriculum

So how can people get angry at those who have been battered and shattered into gender and role confusion for calling people bigots and racists? Jesus went to the cross for them too. The process of reaching out to people with truth and grace is the sum of evangelism that cries out to the streets and reaches out to who the culture calls “the least of these,” we write, broadcast and narrow cast; we sing, we play instruments and compose songs to encourage fellowship with one another and invite the outcasts in to the family. We pray, we walk; we pray in our prayer closets and we pray and sing on the city streets, and public squares. This is ministry; this is leadership and this is communications and it is a science that leads to community building. “It is showing the relationship between God and humankind. It is a love relationship. It defines unconditional all-out love. When we show mercy, truth and grace, we give hope to people and we show a compassionate love for our neighbor.”

If you are a person God knows you

The proof is in who Christ suffered, died and was buried for and who the sun and son rises for. Look around the room, Married men and women; children; single people; homosexuals; Black, White; Asian; Hispanic, no matter where you are from and every combination of what you are; God made us all; and the common union is that we are all people with hearts; minds, and souls. Everyone unique, strong points and weak points, yet we are all people. God loves people-bottom line. That is why He dedicates today’s sunrise  to you.

Ministry,Leadership and Communications Institute Begins

causecentral2012 300px-Bway_Junct_J_platform amissionint.Vantage Point!

This morning at the Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute, The Denver Special Needs Examiner was invited to participate in an action plan. The walk to middle school in so many of our beloved cities is an obstacle course. Most parents in the inner city do not actively look  for a church unless they are looking for food; or money.  In an exclusive planning session in Colorado Springs held on Monday, June 24 at Mission Coffee Roasters, the new Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute announced that one of the five points of evangelism is to starting and training leaders to engage through “Progressive Street Church,” starting on one block and ending on others complete with a clear gospel message; boots on the ground mission; and all out praise, prayer and music that speaks to the culture and “meets you where you are,” the growth of Friends and Fellowship” took a new step in protecting marriage and family in the inner city. “It is a strategy as my friend and mentor Steve Holt says, is ‘go and tell,’ as opposed to show and tell,” says Pastor Rich.

All kinds of religion on the street

“Walking; praying; speaking truth and singing praise to the Lord who created all of this is a reclaiming of the city streets. It cuts through separation of church and state; and it shouts the message that empowers people to be lifted out of their situations,”  claims Pastor Rich who for the last four years has traveled to front range cities and is now training leaders to do the things Jesus did and “one thing Jesus did was that he walked and prayed both in solitude and in public. There is no better ministry to people then a face to face encounter with people who love God with all of their heart, soul and mind, and love their neighbor as they would in turn liked to be loved,” he says. In Denver he points to the halfway house; the Planned Parenthood and the Adult Bookstores. He points out the Gay Bar; the dispensaries; and he points out the cathedral and then the State Capitol. “All kinds of religions, addictions and afflictions from pornography, to substance abuse and alcoholism; mental issues; and searching for happiness.” The message of the progressive street church is that the “cup of truth and grace with defining love and peace,” can only be found in a relationship with Christ.

Five Points of influence and impact, and invitation

Evangelism is being defined more by what we do and how we communicate the message and mindset of God to the people who are looking for something else. That truth cuts through everything else when presented and approached with a Christ like approach. Evangelism is complete only by a filling and refilling of the Holy Spirit, the helper for the servant leader, on the streets. Evangelism is taking the map, knowing the territory and presenting truth, love and grace through message, mission and music. There is no other way around it. It is the reason we study and speak; it is the reason we walk; and it is the reason we sing.

The least of these: Friendship Fellowship has now expanded reach to the progressive street church. Yet it starts with the invisible and weak of our culture and reaching out to people with intellectual and physical disabilities; their caregivers and their families.” Yet it has progressed into going into the day programs run by agencies and inviting people into hearing the message; and expressing their faith and singing songs that mean something deeper in communication with God. “Friendship Fellowship is freedom to worship and express our love for God.” It is also freeing for people who are members of the church who can mentor; and assist people and share their faith and like in the story of the paralytic; be friends who will guide them to the feet of Jesus.” (Luke 5) “Integrating new members of the progressive street church with Friendship and Fellowship is the best strategy that we can see, that will get believers from pew-vangelism, to active-angelism!” the pastor told the group.

Vantage Point- a new way to look at media

The Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute is working on a media curriculum that will use digital technology in publishing; audio/radio; and visual/video. Vantage Point-World Media Christian Approach will be the curator of studies; relationship building; and outreach. “The idea is to develop the best content and user-friendly interactive programs; develop the urban praise and melting pot music sources with a new music publishing company, an audio/radio and digital-internet, visual and TV station. “The biggest announcement is that we are looking for content providers who we want to concentrate on content and impacting their communities and not for them to pay for air-time. Yes, we want you to find sponsorship and support and we will do the rest in creating award winning advertising.”

Taking the lead in writers, speakers, advertisers and musicians

The Vantage Point Platform is made of writers, advertisers, songwriters of urban praise and world music; audio and video producers; and entrepreneurs. “We are the ministry of the media and culture industry and we are in the ministry of business.” “Most organizations go about it the wrong way, they mean well but dilute the business of ministry and in our case the media industry of ministry.” The business planning begins with solving problems; counting the costs of operation and measuring ministry and financial impact. When asked how this effects the special needs ministry the answer came back  from Pastor Rich, “The five points are not effective on their own.  Integration and initiatives and action plans in mobilization of people who study together; who form strong relationships and who practice outreach in their communities are the people who are continuously creating, starting; supporting and sustaining new ways to minister; to lead and to communicate and distribute resources for community growth. The announcement of Cause Central a foundation that supports new media programming that feeds a hungry culture is looking for a financial director, took others by surprise in the room. “between a ministry strategy called “the ministry of business” comes a lot of new ideas and when you see that through the five points of impact up to 16 integrated organizations are in development,” one participant commented.

Prayer Points-walking; talking;watching and singing over the city

The announcement of action workshops in Denver in July; Colorado Springs in August; Orlando in September; and Brooklyn, Queens and Boston in October is the foundation of going from prayer walking to message, mission and music and to start, support and sustain the progressive street church in major hubs. Mayor Hancock in Denver is asking for ideas in some areas of Elyria and Swansea, based on observations made on a recent prayer walk conducted by Ancient paths House church and Pilgrim Congregational. One of those ideas was a prayer center and urban ministry headquarters that would be “gifted” to the church. This would be a hub that would also be a training center where Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute, would hold studies; workshops, relationship building and outreach classes.

Community Points 

The rebuilding of cities have often come from a renewal of minds and hearts in the neighborhoods. City infrastructures are dealing with the same issues but are often better funded with a combination of both private and public sector money and grants. In cities there are also people who cross party lines because they want their cities to succeed and because of it leaders and citizens are accountable to one another. Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute announced that they will work on issues surrounding city crime; human trafficking; gangs and violence, by being present through the progressive street church; being culturally relevant by training people in the neighborhoods to minister. MLC announced that they will continue to reach out to people with disabilities and to bring them into the confines of community, in planning; in outreach and community meetings. “We also are helping to reach and equip people in the neighborhood to take their vocational goals and to use what God has given them for evangelism; reaching out to the least of these; getting involved in a media that feeds a hungry culture; to lead and participate in prayer walking and progressive street church and to help bring neighbors together by building community. “If you look at it as five lighthouses in a sea of streets you begin to catch the vantage point.”

To get involved post something to the Vantage Point Blog-

or if you are a worship leader with original or traditional songs please post your audition to:


Study on Emotional Science

“What we feel, clouds our vision of truth, and dulls the mind and the heart.” Richard Beattie


Welcome to the new media platform-VANTAGE POINT.


“What we feel, clouds our vision of truth, and dulls the mind and the heart.” This from a breakthrough session held at the Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute in Denver and Colorado Springs this week. “This conference lays the groundwork for the type of programming foundations that collectively Christian men and women will be creating, producing and distributing through a media that is feeding junk food to a hungry culture.” What started Monday and ends this Friday, June 28, lays the foundation of interactive media and philosophy. The entire session is not to complain about media in it’s current state, but to take the high road in digital publishing; audio-radio feeds and video- television feeds.” “The high road often begins with content and messaging. With the growing trend of campaigning and legalism, name calling and changing the meaning of the language, MLC Institute will publish a series of studies on the growing trend on what the institute calls “Emotional Science.”

Defining Emotional Science

The definition of Emotional Science is to take an issue that may or not be true come up with a saying and use it to drive an issue home as a hypothesis. The idea is to repeat it often and to use the media as a tool to garner emotional support which eventually erodes the clear cut vision of truth and beliefs. In general the Institute is designed to take emotional science campaigns and dig deeper into the motive; how the media approaches the story, and what the power of the spin means to the culture and community. This goes for political, business, ministry and industry; arts and entertainment, marriage and family,  and financial markets. What MLC Institute is doing is taking those soundbites and then asking the right questions and the deeper questions.

Bringing truth and grace into the stories

The multi-media reports will be published in Denver Media and Culture Examiner, air on the institute’s new media platform Vantage Point and be blogged at Stories and original music can be submitted for consideration  on You tube: Here are some of the recent stories and articles that will be analyzed and dug into:

Prop. 8 and DOMA and what led up to it. NY Times

Feminine traits and trends of Leadership: Inc magazine

The cure for obesity- The Atlantic

The 17 Ideas of the year- The Atlantic

The Gutless Press- The Atlantic

Stop Spoiling the Shareholders-The Atlantic

Pitching God- NY magazine

Five points foolproof in breakthroughs

This summer the institute will be gathering information and building the case that political, legalistic, and emotional science does not solve problems. Truth in journalism, integration of media with studies, relationship building and outreach do solve problems. “There is not a problem that we face today that can’t be remedied with good ministry; solid leadership and through quintessential communications,” offers one of the principals.

“Evangelism is the tool used to help “save people.” Invitation to the Least of these, acknowledges our sinful nature and our willingness to be corrected, challenged and changed. A media that feeds truth to a hungry culture, is the breakthrough in relationship building; prayer walking and meeting people where they are is the hands on pull to community building and including the mindset of God in our decision making. That is the common union and it starts here, today.”

This story is current and interactive with the reporter. It is an invitation for discussion and analysis and we are looking to engage and invite reporters, writers, musicians and truth seekers as well as producers and leaders to weigh in on these issues with in-depth analysis; praise and worship music with a world music feel; and also those who are seeking workshops; classes, seminars and web-inars on the Five points of Influence on evangelism; special needs and least of these outreach; media and culture; prayer and “progressive street church,” and community building. Reach where you are and we will help! E-mail for more.






Progressive Movement walks this way




June 23, 2013.Colorado Springs. Progressiveness has taken on so many meanings in the past decade or so. There’s Flo the iconic symbol of saving you money on your car insurance and then there is the Move on America group that flows progressively upstream to promote social engineering causes. They are integrated with soft and hard sells but are one in the same. Last week the erosion and closing of Exodus International was quiet enough in the progression and aggression of media and cultural bullying, yet the absence of what evangelicals call “love” is apparent and sadly another example of progressive aggression that is shaking our culture in it’s boots. In a press conference this morning in Colorado Springs a progressive group of a different kind took to the city hall steps. A church and an institute are in the plans and will be nationally and internationally far reaching.

Progressive Street Church

On Monday, July 1, a group of evangelicals will be starting The Progressive Street Church who will start on one block of the city and end up on another. In between there will be praise and worship; prayer and a message. It is part of various ways that Friendship Fellowship is taking fellowship to the streets. An informal group of anonymous leaders of ministries, business and communication professionals began meeting in 2010. “We were anonymous because we did not want to be the focal point,” said the founder and president of Ministry, Leadership and Communications. “Today the group wants to remain anonymous in terms of leadership and be known as a team of men and women who are dedicated to progressive leadership in evangelism.” The group is made up of CEO’s; legislators; educators and entrepreneurs. There are advertising executives; pastors; non-profit experts and leaders and financial professionals, architects and graphic artists. There are Pastors and there are Five Points that are managed and guided through the obstacle courses of the inner-city. “I am pleased to announce,” says the founder; “that we are officially an institute called Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute.”

Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute 

The national group is working towards five points of influence in the culture and particularly publishing works and positions on evangelism and church planting in the inner-city; The Least of These ministries especially in the area of intellectual and physical disabilities; media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer and prayer and praise walking your city; and community building through outreach. Beginning next Monday, July 1, MLC Institute will begin a formal process of publishing digital studies; forming solid relationships; and participating in outreach in the following areas:

Denver/Colorado Springs: Regular Prayer Walks and Leadership meetings and coffeehouse ministries. Starting; supporting and sustaining a new media platform called Vantage Point. “We are curators of message; mission and music.” Between September 4 and 7 the group will launch a progressive street church in Orlando and in Brooklyn and Boston in October.

To audition for Vantage Point please upload music and sermon videos to: To get involved with the institute please send an e-mail to


Denver: In a surprising move by the curator of urban praise and world music RAB announced this morning that an alternate NY Christian media platform will start auditioning praise and worship leaders and bands beginning this afternoon to commemorate the first day of summer. Vantage Point which is scheduled to start in September will begin testing and cuarating music; radio programs; sermons; lectures and community impact events; has opened up a You Tube Channel that will be available for auditions starting at 2PM ET.
Urban praise NYBeginning Friday, June 21 at 2 ET, The Urban Praise Movement will begin searching for music that will get airplay and that Urban Praise- World Music Community Approach will act as music publishers can post original and traditional music at Please send descriptions; waivers and lyric sheets to Please include, names, address and phone number. “The idea of the urban praise movement is to mix all styles and genres of music that contain a gospel and biblical message; are contributing to the mission and contains a melting pot sound of world music with a community approach.” According to RAB the executive team has started a music publishing house that will include marketing; advertising; and fundraising for music missionaries who are called to the inner-city. “It’s a lot broader than New York and speaks to people in the inner cities of all continents who have a heart for God and showing love and mercy to our neighbors- through music.
Vantage Point- World Media Community Approach will be presenting programs like Daily Audio Bible; Mission Fields- Churches impacting community; and Heartline  with counselor Rita Schulte and a major Faith Based Audio Magazine. The mission is to give the listener the best of what a church or ministry is doing in their communities and how they influence and impact challenges and issues in the neighborhoods they serve. plays a part in the integration of ministry; leadership and communications. Five Points management group is working with digital publishers; radio and audio on demand producers; and visual media from art to video from film to television all on demand.

Kinetic prayer in the city

capitoo clarksono2 basilica charlieo

Forget about Zumba or martial Arts or even Yoga! Play to pray but don’t pay to play if you aren’t ready to see drastic results to the ministry of industry! In Denver the Prayer and Praise Movement will be coming to the city streets July 23 and to find out how that works e-mail

A group of musicians, leaders, and pastors gathered to discuss an idea that has been tested and proven in major cities and urban centers. “It combines prayer walking in the inner city with a melting pot of urban praise,” announced the music publisher of Five Points Media Group at a meeting this morning at Mission Coffee Roasters. Five Points is one of many initiatives of Ministry; Leadership and Communications an nationally active group who through sound business planning are working on the “redevelopment of our cities through five influences.” The plan is to not do a concert, book, or publicity tour, but to walk the talk; prayer walk and sing over your city!

For Praying and praising out-loud-“The reason why we pray,” the leader testifies; is to bring God into the conversation.” He continues with several maps of major cities; “the reason why we pray out loud is that the people can hear it, and the reason why we add praise is that our praise is an effective tool in praying and it makes a difference on what happens in the city streets.”  Cities like Denver, New York; Orlando; and Boston have had some of the most popular singers sing over their city. Michael Jackson; Bruce Springsteen; Bono and U2 have had their work amplified in venues that hold thousands. “What if Five Points and the Urban Praise Movement; sponsor prayer and praise walks with the worship of worship leaders leading the way?”

Why we pray and why we sing-The group of inner city missionaries discussed areas where prayer and praise walks have made a significant difference in cities like Denver; Queens and the Freedom Mile in Flushing; the streets of Orlando and in the heart of Boston. “The greatest warrior who ever lived was a King and a leader, yet he was also a shepherd and a songwriter;” a pastor explained to the planning group of MLC. In a noted Biblical Dictionary the word “song” is described in this way; “Singing played a significant part in the national life of the Hebrews.” The fist song was sung by Lamech (Gen 4:23-24). It was not uncommon for the Jews to compose a song celebrating some special victory or religious experience (Exod 15). The Psalter has been designated “The Song Book of Israel;” and it contains many kinds of songs. The apostle Paul urges believers to sing in both his letters to the Ephesians (5:19) and (Col. 3:16). The Book of Revelation speaks often of “heavenly singing.” (Rev 5:9,14:3).  King David wrote a good many psalms to encourage the people; and to pray blessings over the city and the nation; he was considered to be a “man after God’s own heart,” and historically is known as “God’s Poet Laurette.”

The Ministry Leadership and Communications is a group of men and women who are leading communities to what is truly important. The Five Points of Evangelism; reaching out to the Least of These; Media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer and praise; and community building can be found here Monday through Friday and a weekend summary. Please subscribe to these columns and get involved with ministry, leadership and communications in your town.

Vantage Point Media Platform-MLC is responsible for bringing Prayer and Praise to our cities and the National Prayer Examiner is the content curator of each area of the Ministry of Business or the Ministry of the Industry. “We are looking for worship leaders who have praise music for their cities that will be played on all of the platforms of Vantage Point.” This can be in any language and multiple languages. It is of many styles of world music from folk, to rock, jazz and rhythm and blues. Men; women; boys and girls; of all kinds of backgrounds.” It can also be new and traditional versions of hymns, explains the curator.

Cause and effect-The cause and effect of prayer walking with praise is being studied by the Ministry, Leadership and Communications group. Just last week in Denver prayer and praise was conducted from Emerson Street and Morey Middle School; in front of Planned Parenthood; the gay bar Charlie’s; the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the State Capitol. “It has become routine during Denver’s inner city mission that we pray for these areas and the people exposed to the constant erosion of our wills and souls. Singing praise to god that echoes in the hardest zones of Denver is an outward expression of speaking truth; singing praise to God and feeding love to a hungry culture.”

Send Songs and pray: The planning commission of Ministry; Leadership and Communications is working on prayer and praise walks in Denver in July; Colorado Springs in August; Orlando this September; Flushing, Queens and Boston in October. There are also plans for Louisville, Cincinnati; and Nashville early in 2014. If you have songs of praise and prayer in your city; please submit them to or join the Vantage Point Blog; The Urban Praise Movement is applying to Broadcast Music International (BMI) as a music publisher who airs original and traditional urban praise music from cities around the world.

Readers; Listeners and Viewers, communications is key to every relationship we enter into. We all can get better and there is a cure-, is the best thing since my grandmothers hot tattie soup! Likewise Advertising is coming beside the people and organizations that we feel “lifewise about.” The communication cure and our new friends at; are tools for you that we believe in! See what they are up to and how it can improve the way we relate to one another.