Answers in Parables and other things in Denver

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In last week’s Denver Evangelical Examiner, the subject was that people are God’s most precious resource and that of all of the elements and tools to cope in this world and the next is people. As the progressive street church moves down a block or towns, walk through any neighborhood in Denver and you will find a group or host home filled with caregivers and adults with intellectual disabilities. “They are part of our congregation and even more so they are in our community and they have something to add and contribute and they too are “God’s most Precious Resource,” explains the pastor. This week’s theme is to recognize that in the creation story and the story that leads us here today is God’s most precious resources. “We learn so much from the way we treat other people, and when we show mercy, love and grace and speak truth as the main elements in our periodic chart, we are practicing the greatest commandments that God has given us.” Yet a funny thing happened on the way to Capitol Hill in Denver this week. The inner-city mission team with Ancient Paths House Church Network was able to pray beyond the skyline; and plow the fields of Denver neighborhoods and the upcoming harvest.  The announcement that Progressive Street Church will be the next addition to Ancient Paths House Church Network is a direct result to last week’s Inner-city Missions which hosted 50 missionaries who were active in ministry to the homeless; to the fatherless and to the inner-city poor in the parks and streets of Denver.

Going beyond the walls

It was a guitar fast on the streets of Denver last week where the outreach was based on feeding the hungry and teaching the kids to fish so they could feed a hungry culture for a lifetime. “The youth that came here to reach out to the city,” said Carrie Schnur of Ancient Paths House Church Network, “plowed the fields” in the June and July inner-city missions work, that included the start of new relationships; sustaining missions; and expansion that reached new heights and zeroed in on people in the midst of the gleaming skyline of Denver.” It was announced that a monthly prayer walk on Capitol Hill will come as a result of the three prayer walks that were conducted from Emerson and 14th Street to East Colfax and Broadway this week. Progressive Street Church is a new outreach of Ancient Paths that will be led once a month in Capitol Hill, once a month in Colorado Springs, and will be planted on the streets of Boulder, Pueblo and possibly in Fort Collins. To get involved please e-mail Pastor Rich at

Answers in Parables

Vantage point is working on a new study on relationships and outreach. “Answers in Parables, a course in obstacles and miracles,” is an inner-city ministry and missions guide to urban America.” It will be published and an audio version will be available this Fall. As it is developed there will be a study at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs on Wednesdays at 7PM starting in September. It is open to 12 married couples who are dedicated to influencing, inviting and impacting communities that they serve and live, and/or are engaged in mission work. people may register by e-mailing In September Vantage Point NY will be training leaders in Orlando, and in October the plan is to train leaders in DC, Baltimore, NY City and Boston. To get involved




Skylines above and beyond


It was announced this week that in the next half of this summer, the Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute will be gathering a new annual “Five points Guide to inner-city missions.” They call it “Skylines” and it is the latest initiative that will cover sixty world-wide cities that start in Denver next week. Go to

Aerial coverage provided by God

“We take a silhouette or photograph of each city, identify the needs and mission and scope the neighborhoods; and pinpoint the ministry of evangelism; the leadership in reaching out to the least of these; a commitment to creating and receiving media that will feed a hungry culture with a trustworthy message; we will plant churches and start progressive street churches, where prayer and praise will signal invitation to a hurting world.” Skylines will take the Capitol Hill neighborhood and continue prayer and participate by partnering with agencies and ministries in a full-court press to rescue the prisoners of rejection; addiction; legalism; politics; and media manipulation. Human Trafficking, racism, financial stress, unemployment; and crime.

Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven

The skylines of these cities are beautiful. We can pray for them from the harbor, from the aerial view and the silhouette. But God’s plan is to pinpoint areas of concern; everyday outreach the grittiness; and the somehow forgotten faces. Skylines takes the facade of the skyline and puts a face on it. It gets beyond the church and temple, it gets in the face of the state, it sees the beauty in human life and it is able to correct; clarify and challenge and then and only then will that transfer into change. Next week the Prayer Examiner will report on the mission of these Connecticut cities. Would you join us? e-mail

Vantage Point NY: Coffee Tastes better here

amission amissionint.

The regulars pour in at the warehouse building in North Colorado Springs. The backbone of ministries and missions, church and State, exist and grow northward. Voyager Boulevard is a place where home, business and community thrive. A bedroom community that experienced smoke and evacuations just a month ago; but spared the gut wrenching loss and then came together to reach out to the neighbors to the North and the East of Northgate; Flying Horse. They were all here for coffee, for fellowship; and for community gathering just North of Interquest on Voyager. For prayer warriors who love great coffee; this was the place to be. For people meeting their insurance adjusters or planning fall ministry and small groups this also was the gathering over espresso; iced coffees and teas that seem almost dreamlike. “It’s a place where Progressive can drink with Compassion,” says one guest. “It’s also a place where church can reach out to the State and discuss the common unions we all have, through adversity;  and where we have all been in the last month.” The Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute was meeting with teens from the Desperation Band Conference at New Life Church just up the street. This weekend at New Life Church the community will come together in worship. It is happening right now- 9 AM and it lasts until 7 tonight. But there will be a few more opportunities throughout the summer.  For more:

Coffee in the upward community

Howard Schultz writes in his book “Onward: How Starbucks fought for its soul,” that the coffee house experience in Europe was what he wanted to bring back to the States. But some say that  mass- production and mass- growth has hampered true community and political stances into social issues are blunting and disrupting community at Starbucks and it is surprising that the Schultz is either oblivious or he doesn’t care. Since his return as CEO, Starbucks seems to have alienated its base and is more like McStarbucks than ever before. What would Schultz think of if he were sitting at Mission Coffee? Instead of walking onward, he might be looking upward and forward to the day when community could be bolstered at a coffee house. Where true community and mission is found. In traveling cities, the average coffee drinker finds a Starbucks in the middle of some of the most mission hungry streets in major cities worldwide. Starbucks largely ignores the mission of community and “you can’t lose a soul if you don’t have a heart for people,” says a ministry of business expert associated with the institute. “When “Onward” means, walking on by the guy in the gutter in front of your stores, it says a lot about who and what your commitment is to the communities where you serve.”

Upward Thinking


For Brett Bixler coffee is about “changing lives with every cup” and “making really good coffee with a mission.” The clean, wood-stained tables with the heart-warming gallery of paintings is inviting and welcoming. The mission and support to coffee- farmers worldwide is fair-trade and beyond. It is more than the “tolerance movement” and reflects a love moved as in the story of the Good Samaritan. “Tolerance can fight for its life without losing its soul; yet it can’t love God and neighbor like Jesus commands us to.” Aside from better and fresher coffee, Bixler quietly supports mission’s work through fundraising efforts and sheer generosity.   There is a “better cup” at Mission, no question, and the vision of community; is found in the vision not unlike the dream of Howard Schultz but with a purer motive, a better approach, and with a power that is foreign to Schultz. If Schultz likes to close his famous memos with “Onward,” Bixler might adopt “Upward.”

Church Coffee -really good coffeehouses in your neighborhood

What is on board? It is today’s special at Mission Coffee! Ask and you will receive! Today’s trivia: Who is the Cliff, behind the cliffhanger and what is the secret bean behind the Italian Sunrise? Ask the Barista at Mission Coffee 11641 Ridgeline Drive, just North of Interquest and New Life Church. It is really good coffee with a mission. Need to bag some great beans and you aren’t in the neighborhood? Order fresh coffee Church Coffee is a sponsor for the new Vantage Point NY on demand media platform that includes the daily Five Points column. “The vision is that churches can expand ministry and missions by starting and managing a better coffee house in their communities,” explains the FREX editor. Church not only shows you how to get the best and freshest beans delivered, but also consults churches on the outreach a really good coffee house can mean to your neighborhood. Call 888.673.4069.

Interesting developments at Vantage Point NY





Wednesday, July 10, 2013- DENCOS. The media tide of markets from large market to small is never more apparent than the Denver to Colorado Springs markets. In the Springs there is only a casual mention of Denver weather on traditional radio and television and in Denver out of small market respect, few stories south of Castle Rock make it to the airwaves. In recent years with the economy and the technological advances the median age who watches local news is 59 and up. This was some of the conversation at Mission Coffee Roasters on Tuesday, and the conversation bled through this morning’s session that was on digital; online; on phone and other applications. With that two of the guests who have started a phone application announced that they would be partnering with Vantage Point NY on the distribution side through phone applications. Lee Carter and Zach Appel started Minimal Development ( and outlined plans in working with media groups and changing the model for content providers; advertisers; producers and the next step for broadcasters and studios. “The Vantage Point NY model is the future and the future is now,” says Carter who is based in Lubbock Texas. Appel, who lives and works from Colorado Springs agrees, “Lee and I work mostly through Skype for meetings and conversations, but this was a chance to get together with other media and tech pros.”

Breaking the scourge of Breaking news

A few weeks ago the Denver Media and Culture Examiner made mention of a new marketing trend that seemed to make every story covered by local news “Breaking News.” Last week, NPR reported a Louisville, Kentucky vowing “never to say that our stories are all breaking news and that the audience needs to trust their community news source, not to use “Breaking News as a marketing ploy.” Last week Channel 7 in Denver and Channel 11, the CBS affiliates, ceased the “Breaking News campaign.” Journalists who were horrified by the misuse of terminology and gimmickry, breathed a sigh of relief at the Wednesday, Five Points Conference. “It gets back to the phone aps and how we are ready to decide what we want to read; listen to and view, at the time we are ready for it;” Carter says, and at the same time some of the clients of Minimal Development only get the information that they need.

Fix me- the way to fix New York

A sink hole forms in the Bronx and an elevator is out in the Chrysler Building. New York City contractors find out with a phone application designed and implemented by Carter and Appel from Minimal Development. This IS breaking news and when the right contractor gets the map they can be “Johnnie and Janey on the spot” breaking the metropolitan gridlock that so often leaves the city in a panic. This is the type of application that saves time; maximizes efficiency and could avert disaster. “This is what Vantage Point in NY wants to do with dozens of studies, relationship and community building works. From faith to messages, missions and music; our maps can be sensitive to the needs of our neighborhoods.


If you would like to find out more on how to get involved in The Five Points of Influence; Invitation and Impact e-mail


MLC Institute looking for Directors


The Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute this morning announced plans for management structure including mission and media funding through Five points Management. “We are looking to add people; ministry and business partners to lead the charge and calling we have” said Executive Director of Ministry, Leadership and Communications Richard Beattie. “We are looking for five leaders to start; raise support and sustain the missions of the MLC Institute.  One is a Finance Director who will manage our non- profits; write media and cultural grants and manage the Cause Central Foundation. Until then a team of business professionals; ministry leaders and prayer partners will be meeting, researching and developing a ministry of industry business plan, meeting every Thursday Morning starting this Thursday, July 11 at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs.

Vantage Point NY- World Media Christian Approach

This comes one week after the July 1 announcement and test launch of the Institute’s multimedia platform Vantage Point NY. The association with Truli Media based in Beverly Hills, California; and Vantage Point, NY signifies and begins a platform to research and develop new Christian programming, and start up media ministries and businesses. “There are 17 total initiatives and companies and ministries that MLC Institute is starting or has started,” according to Beattie. from Vantage Point NY, a new production company and studio called Mission Tracs will be launched this Wednesday, July 10. “We have our Studio Master chosen,” but the elements of three portable recorders; one multi track; a surround sound unit and an HD digital video camera are designed for reporters, musicians, and producers to work mobile and with live and the Director of Studios will be taking the stories and adding sound-design. Mission Tracs will be producing news and feature stories; community impact and music audio and video as well as all the advertising from Likewise the advertising and public relations firm. “We want to share leadership and initiatives with qualified people and entrepreneurs. The third Director that MLC will add to associates is the Director of Editorial Content for the Digital Publishing areas which include Triology and Vantage point.

The Urban Praise Movement

With a Director in charge of financing and Cause Central, Mission Tracs Studios and the Director of Editorial Content, The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is also adding a music publishing company. The Urban Praise Movement- The Melting Pot Sound is bringing on a new Director of Music and Copyrights to the MLC mix. This person will be responsible in signing artists to a digital publishing contract and getting world music with a Christian approach distributed through i-tunes and Vantage Point NY. This person also runs the You Tube audition channel called urbanpraiseny.

Executive Director of Church Coffee on a mission

Along with fundraising Mission Coffee Roasters has a brand called Church Coffee. Church Coffee has had a modest history in helping churches start a coffee house in the church but The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is taking it up a notch. Richard Beattie announced that he will be partnering with Church Coffee, in helping churches research and develop Five Point Resources customized to the community that they serve. This includes a digital/on demand media package that will have sermon and church impact studies, customized for the church. Ministry and small group information and kiosks; Barista and ministry training and coffee house outreach; original praise and worship music; digital hymnals and program guides. Fundraising for missions and ministry initiatives;  Espresso and machinery at discount prices and discounts on “Mission Coffee, and syrups as well as training.” “Through our Church Coffee initiative we are also able to book speakers, musicians, and MLC workshops, research, develop and manage church and ministry public relations, media and new ministry opportunities; and bring in new people with “really good coffee on a mission.”

Executive Director of Management

The fifth director who will serve on the board will lead the Breakthrough Management Company which will book our message leaders and speakers; our mission coordinators and planners and church and ministry planners. Worship Leaders from The Urban Praise Movement will also be booked by Breakthrough Management starting with Orlando in September; Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens in October as well as Boston. A new travel company will be getting mission discounts at X-Roads which will also be a benefit from MLC Institute.  If you are interested in being on the MLC Institute board of Directors and Entrepreneurs in the capacity of finance and grant writing; studio and editing and digital publishing as well as management of Breakthrough Management and X-roads Travel, please send a resume and a paragraph on how you can help start; support and sustain the Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute. Send it to All resumes will be confidential and applicants reviewed.




When good men do nothing…


A round table discussion on the breakthrough question “Who paid for your freedom and what if they did not?” sparked a new project by the Ministry, Leadership and Communication Institute in Colorado Springs this morning. The discussion will be a series broadcast on a new on demand digital channel, Vantage Point NY. If you would like to join in the discussion you can join in on the Blog site:

Armory talk

The wind blew hard from the river. A group of men are gathered at the armory and they are weary, weather and stress beaten. They are subjects of the World Wide Alliance. Some are writers of the underground who ask the question “What if?” This is an audio-novel that takes history and wonders what today would be like if key factors had changed in the world. “What if, for instance the British crushed the colonies in 1776 what would the colonists have become? Would it have effected the progress of freedom, the mother of invention, and French aggression, German aggression and so in in the world wars?”  Would the slave trade have continued without Wilberforce in the UK, and Lincoln in the thwarting of the great experiment?

When good men do nothing

Historians do not like to think so much of what the world could have been like if key battles, and causes were not fought. Yet the question remains on altered history in a kind of evil time machine. If evil won out in just one of these causes would the ramifications be an altered world view? The sad truth is that in recent history compromise has been hurt the cause of freedom more than anything else. The Korean War; The Vietnam War; Iraq under George HW Bush (I) and President Barrack Obama. Collateral Damage skirmishes, “end games,” and our unwillingness to be strong in our morals and values and influence a world that will kill each other under the guise of religion; politics; or legalism. The world could be a lot different place if the founding fathers didn’t find a backbone. The world could be a very different place if Wilberforce, sat down in silence. The world would be a very different place if Edison was not given the opportunity to succeed because he failed too much.

Who paid for your freedom?

It was a question. What if God didn’t send his son to live among us and bring truth and light into the world? What if Jesus chose to walk away from the cross when Pilate gave him a chance? What if Jesus said, “Pay attention to the laws of the Pharisee. You are all going to Hell anyhow!” Instead he said, “Love the Lord God with all of your heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as you would like t be loved.” These were the greatest commandments, the two that everything else falls into place.

Emo Science versus Triology

Emotional Science doesn’t want to offend anyone. Social engineering is run on legalism and political polls. Yet if Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Wilberforce and Churchill would have just “tolerated” King George; The Redcoats;  The Slave Trade; The Nazi’s; Saddam Hussein, and if Jesus looked around and said- “It ain’t worth it,” and ran the other way, the tape would break in the midst of automatic rewind.  And Satan and his force of evil rule a dying world.

Underground Railroad

The candle lit at the Flushing Armory is snuffed out after one of the men hears footsteps going by. Out on the streets there is an open market, Asian and Latin Women being sold in chains along with African American men and women in a place that would have been one of the final places on the Underground Railroad, had someone fought for freedom. While “war may be hell” it is hard to think of a more hellish experience than progressive slavery. “Hail Satan, and tolerate your neighbor,” is what the rulers say. Yet on this day, progress is evident by the Solar Panel Farms that are popping up all over the colonies, including right here in New Amsterdam. The mud caked streets in every territory in the remaining Continents is a grim reminder that the only thing free in this cold world is what you can steal.

Communicating Communities


causecentral2012 300px-Bway_Junct_J_platform amissionint. french-press-coffee-maker Beautiful-Roads-99 commoncure

The Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute, announced that starting July 4, 2013, a group of community leaders would begin to pray and lead worship at Mission Coffee Roasters For people in Colorado Springs, the group associated with Progressive Street Church and Friendship Fellowship began at 6:30 in the morning every Thursday morning. A double shot of Italian Sunrise (Espresso brew with two shots on top) begins the morning as a guitar begins to lead a set of urban praise. It sounded like a lot of chatter at first. Men and women waiting to start the day. It is all captured for the new Vantage Point NY morning show which begins with Brian Hardin and the Daily Audio Bible and then a set of songs original and traditional that ring truth in. today is Independence Day yet the announcement and invitation is for people all over the world to meet God here. “It is all about the Five Points of invitation, impact and influence in our communities. Evangelism; Special Needs Ministries with Friendship Fellowship; Media that feeds a hungry culture at Vantage Point,; Progressive Street Church and Prayer Walks; and Mission Coffee Roasters and Church Coffee help to build community gatherings, studies and outreach. On this day it is about the Front Range:

Some were heading to Black Forest to sift through the burnt out ruins and ashes for people who had lost their homes. Others were heading up to Denver to march not in a fourth of July Parade but to continue the movement of the Progressive Street Church. Still others were going to fill their time on the Front Range toward the Pueblo River Walk. The point is they were all free to use their time for such a time as this. They all started from the Vantage Point of Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs and as the flags made it half way up the poles firefighters, pastors; neighbors and friends gathered to discuss the 19 lost in Prescott, Arizona. Then the music started and a man began to sing.

There was one, only one

And I spoke with him every day.

We would talk and we would survey the neighborhood.

And it was good.

The contrast and similarities give a meaningful hue to the beginning of Genesis in the old Testament. The acknowledgement of one God who creates all of this, who engineers starts and stops, supports the human race and who sustains people’s every need.

The song continues as a praise and prayer:


One day when we met, there were two.

I recognized his face. He was the one’s son,

And where he walked we followed.


The singer brings Jesus into the picture, and the people raise their hands and sing along. many will begin their walks in Denver in the city, singing and praying on the streets and what we have made of the journey at times causes anger, resentment and a question of why. ‘The people inside these places of business and procedures are also prisoners who need freedom from their bondage,” one woman prays. The singer sings as the Progressive Street Church moves on, following Christ.

And as we came to the mills I shook my head

And as we came to the dark I clenched my fist

And as we walked down the street

Amongst the wounded and the dying breed

I believed the lies that said they were finished

And I believed the cries of the lost and drowning

I believed the darkness deceiving the ones

Who needed healing this day.

Until the one showed me his grief.

And his son showed me his scars.

There beyond belief the one showed me

The ones he placed among the stars.

Community Gatherings begin with foundations and this day was no exception. The singer sang like a Cantor over his city and people who were praying got the gist of the significance of the prayer and the song. The message was that every city needs worshipers who engage the culture with message, on mission and through music. “David did not choose musicians for their virtuosity or technique,” the worship leader tells the group, “He first sought men who were prophetic and prayerful and who could communicate with God and to sing at the city gates. It was and is and always will be about truth, and that is an absolute.” Vantage Point NY wants to know what your prayers are for your city. Send an e-mail to Please include your city, key areas that we can pray for and if you can a progressive street map.

Then within me I felt the Spirit

For the first time I could hear it

I heard the wind blow down this grungy street.

I saw the hopeless people that I did not want to meet.

They were gathered at the mercy seat

Where the son was at the one’s right hand.

Now there were three in one voice

Calling out to me.

I followed one voice

In the presence of the three

Never felt so free. This is freedom.

You are reading, listening to or viewing Vantage Point NY, and the National Prayer Examiner for Thursday July 4 and Friday July 5th. Vantage Point NY, “the world view is getting better from here!”

(Phone rings)


(pause) Have we found the cure- for what?

(pause) The common cold? (1924, Altoona, PA Nannie’s Tattie Soup.)

Excuse me? Did you say you were single? (pause) Oh- the cure for Shingles?

(there is a vaccine) What I think we have here Miss- is a failure to communicate.

(pause) Well yes, actually there is a cure for that. The communication

It is an online 24/7 cure on everything we might have trouble talking about. Developed by a professional counselor Keith Dorscht it makes talking easy and meaningful Go to

Have we found a cure for what? Playing telephone?

This integrated spot was developed and produced by the Likewise Agency to find out how you can get quality and nationally syndicated spots created; produced and distributed e-mail or