MLC Institute looking for Directors


The Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute this morning announced plans for management structure including mission and media funding through Five points Management. “We are looking to add people; ministry and business partners to lead the charge and calling we have” said Executive Director of Ministry, Leadership and Communications Richard Beattie. “We are looking for five leaders to start; raise support and sustain the missions of the MLC Institute.  One is a Finance Director who will manage our non- profits; write media and cultural grants and manage the Cause Central Foundation. Until then a team of business professionals; ministry leaders and prayer partners will be meeting, researching and developing a ministry of industry business plan, meeting every Thursday Morning starting this Thursday, July 11 at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs.

Vantage Point NY- World Media Christian Approach

This comes one week after the July 1 announcement and test launch of the Institute’s multimedia platform Vantage Point NY. The association with Truli Media based in Beverly Hills, California; and Vantage Point, NY signifies and begins a platform to research and develop new Christian programming, and start up media ministries and businesses. “There are 17 total initiatives and companies and ministries that MLC Institute is starting or has started,” according to Beattie. from Vantage Point NY, a new production company and studio called Mission Tracs will be launched this Wednesday, July 10. “We have our Studio Master chosen,” but the elements of three portable recorders; one multi track; a surround sound unit and an HD digital video camera are designed for reporters, musicians, and producers to work mobile and with live and the Director of Studios will be taking the stories and adding sound-design. Mission Tracs will be producing news and feature stories; community impact and music audio and video as well as all the advertising from Likewise the advertising and public relations firm. “We want to share leadership and initiatives with qualified people and entrepreneurs. The third Director that MLC will add to associates is the Director of Editorial Content for the Digital Publishing areas which include Triology and Vantage point.

The Urban Praise Movement

With a Director in charge of financing and Cause Central, Mission Tracs Studios and the Director of Editorial Content, The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is also adding a music publishing company. The Urban Praise Movement- The Melting Pot Sound is bringing on a new Director of Music and Copyrights to the MLC mix. This person will be responsible in signing artists to a digital publishing contract and getting world music with a Christian approach distributed through i-tunes and Vantage Point NY. This person also runs the You Tube audition channel called urbanpraiseny.

Executive Director of Church Coffee on a mission

Along with fundraising Mission Coffee Roasters has a brand called Church Coffee. Church Coffee has had a modest history in helping churches start a coffee house in the church but The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is taking it up a notch. Richard Beattie announced that he will be partnering with Church Coffee, in helping churches research and develop Five Point Resources customized to the community that they serve. This includes a digital/on demand media package that will have sermon and church impact studies, customized for the church. Ministry and small group information and kiosks; Barista and ministry training and coffee house outreach; original praise and worship music; digital hymnals and program guides. Fundraising for missions and ministry initiatives;  Espresso and machinery at discount prices and discounts on “Mission Coffee, and syrups as well as training.” “Through our Church Coffee initiative we are also able to book speakers, musicians, and MLC workshops, research, develop and manage church and ministry public relations, media and new ministry opportunities; and bring in new people with “really good coffee on a mission.”

Executive Director of Management

The fifth director who will serve on the board will lead the Breakthrough Management Company which will book our message leaders and speakers; our mission coordinators and planners and church and ministry planners. Worship Leaders from The Urban Praise Movement will also be booked by Breakthrough Management starting with Orlando in September; Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens in October as well as Boston. A new travel company will be getting mission discounts at X-Roads which will also be a benefit from MLC Institute.  If you are interested in being on the MLC Institute board of Directors and Entrepreneurs in the capacity of finance and grant writing; studio and editing and digital publishing as well as management of Breakthrough Management and X-roads Travel, please send a resume and a paragraph on how you can help start; support and sustain the Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute. Send it to All resumes will be confidential and applicants reviewed.





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