Interesting developments at Vantage Point NY





Wednesday, July 10, 2013- DENCOS. The media tide of markets from large market to small is never more apparent than the Denver to Colorado Springs markets. In the Springs there is only a casual mention of Denver weather on traditional radio and television and in Denver out of small market respect, few stories south of Castle Rock make it to the airwaves. In recent years with the economy and the technological advances the median age who watches local news is 59 and up. This was some of the conversation at Mission Coffee Roasters on Tuesday, and the conversation bled through this morning’s session that was on digital; online; on phone and other applications. With that two of the guests who have started a phone application announced that they would be partnering with Vantage Point NY on the distribution side through phone applications. Lee Carter and Zach Appel started Minimal Development ( and outlined plans in working with media groups and changing the model for content providers; advertisers; producers and the next step for broadcasters and studios. “The Vantage Point NY model is the future and the future is now,” says Carter who is based in Lubbock Texas. Appel, who lives and works from Colorado Springs agrees, “Lee and I work mostly through Skype for meetings and conversations, but this was a chance to get together with other media and tech pros.”

Breaking the scourge of Breaking news

A few weeks ago the Denver Media and Culture Examiner made mention of a new marketing trend that seemed to make every story covered by local news “Breaking News.” Last week, NPR reported a Louisville, Kentucky vowing “never to say that our stories are all breaking news and that the audience needs to trust their community news source, not to use “Breaking News as a marketing ploy.” Last week Channel 7 in Denver and Channel 11, the CBS affiliates, ceased the “Breaking News campaign.” Journalists who were horrified by the misuse of terminology and gimmickry, breathed a sigh of relief at the Wednesday, Five Points Conference. “It gets back to the phone aps and how we are ready to decide what we want to read; listen to and view, at the time we are ready for it;” Carter says, and at the same time some of the clients of Minimal Development only get the information that they need.

Fix me- the way to fix New York

A sink hole forms in the Bronx and an elevator is out in the Chrysler Building. New York City contractors find out with a phone application designed and implemented by Carter and Appel from Minimal Development. This IS breaking news and when the right contractor gets the map they can be “Johnnie and Janey on the spot” breaking the metropolitan gridlock that so often leaves the city in a panic. This is the type of application that saves time; maximizes efficiency and could avert disaster. “This is what Vantage Point in NY wants to do with dozens of studies, relationship and community building works. From faith to messages, missions and music; our maps can be sensitive to the needs of our neighborhoods.


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