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amission amissionint.

The regulars pour in at the warehouse building in North Colorado Springs. The backbone of ministries and missions, church and State, exist and grow northward. Voyager Boulevard is a place where home, business and community thrive. A bedroom community that experienced smoke and evacuations just a month ago; but spared the gut wrenching loss and then came together to reach out to the neighbors to the North and the East of Northgate; Flying Horse. They were all here for coffee, for fellowship; and for community gathering just North of Interquest on Voyager. For prayer warriors who love great coffee; this was the place to be. For people meeting their insurance adjusters or planning fall ministry and small groups this also was the gathering over espresso; iced coffees and teas that seem almost dreamlike. “It’s a place where Progressive can drink with Compassion,” says one guest. “It’s also a place where church can reach out to the State and discuss the common unions we all have, through adversity;  and where we have all been in the last month.” The Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute was meeting with teens from the Desperation Band Conference at New Life Church just up the street. This weekend at New Life Church the community will come together in worship. It is happening right now- 9 AM and it lasts until 7 tonight. But there will be a few more opportunities throughout the summer.  For more:

Coffee in the upward community

Howard Schultz writes in his book “Onward: How Starbucks fought for its soul,” that the coffee house experience in Europe was what he wanted to bring back to the States. But some say that  mass- production and mass- growth has hampered true community and political stances into social issues are blunting and disrupting community at Starbucks and it is surprising that the Schultz is either oblivious or he doesn’t care. Since his return as CEO, Starbucks seems to have alienated its base and is more like McStarbucks than ever before. What would Schultz think of if he were sitting at Mission Coffee? Instead of walking onward, he might be looking upward and forward to the day when community could be bolstered at a coffee house. Where true community and mission is found. In traveling cities, the average coffee drinker finds a Starbucks in the middle of some of the most mission hungry streets in major cities worldwide. Starbucks largely ignores the mission of community and “you can’t lose a soul if you don’t have a heart for people,” says a ministry of business expert associated with the institute. “When “Onward” means, walking on by the guy in the gutter in front of your stores, it says a lot about who and what your commitment is to the communities where you serve.”

Upward Thinking


For Brett Bixler coffee is about “changing lives with every cup” and “making really good coffee with a mission.” The clean, wood-stained tables with the heart-warming gallery of paintings is inviting and welcoming. The mission and support to coffee- farmers worldwide is fair-trade and beyond. It is more than the “tolerance movement” and reflects a love moved as in the story of the Good Samaritan. “Tolerance can fight for its life without losing its soul; yet it can’t love God and neighbor like Jesus commands us to.” Aside from better and fresher coffee, Bixler quietly supports mission’s work through fundraising efforts and sheer generosity.   There is a “better cup” at Mission, no question, and the vision of community; is found in the vision not unlike the dream of Howard Schultz but with a purer motive, a better approach, and with a power that is foreign to Schultz. If Schultz likes to close his famous memos with “Onward,” Bixler might adopt “Upward.”

Church Coffee -really good coffeehouses in your neighborhood

What is on board? It is today’s special at Mission Coffee! Ask and you will receive! Today’s trivia: Who is the Cliff, behind the cliffhanger and what is the secret bean behind the Italian Sunrise? Ask the Barista at Mission Coffee 11641 Ridgeline Drive, just North of Interquest and New Life Church. It is really good coffee with a mission. Need to bag some great beans and you aren’t in the neighborhood? Order fresh coffee Church Coffee is a sponsor for the new Vantage Point NY on demand media platform that includes the daily Five Points column. “The vision is that churches can expand ministry and missions by starting and managing a better coffee house in their communities,” explains the FREX editor. Church not only shows you how to get the best and freshest beans delivered, but also consults churches on the outreach a really good coffee house can mean to your neighborhood. Call 888.673.4069.


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