Skylines above and beyond


It was announced this week that in the next half of this summer, the Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute will be gathering a new annual “Five points Guide to inner-city missions.” They call it “Skylines” and it is the latest initiative that will cover sixty world-wide cities that start in Denver next week. Go to

Aerial coverage provided by God

“We take a silhouette or photograph of each city, identify the needs and mission and scope the neighborhoods; and pinpoint the ministry of evangelism; the leadership in reaching out to the least of these; a commitment to creating and receiving media that will feed a hungry culture with a trustworthy message; we will plant churches and start progressive street churches, where prayer and praise will signal invitation to a hurting world.” Skylines will take the Capitol Hill neighborhood and continue prayer and participate by partnering with agencies and ministries in a full-court press to rescue the prisoners of rejection; addiction; legalism; politics; and media manipulation. Human Trafficking, racism, financial stress, unemployment; and crime.

Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven

The skylines of these cities are beautiful. We can pray for them from the harbor, from the aerial view and the silhouette. But God’s plan is to pinpoint areas of concern; everyday outreach the grittiness; and the somehow forgotten faces. Skylines takes the facade of the skyline and puts a face on it. It gets beyond the church and temple, it gets in the face of the state, it sees the beauty in human life and it is able to correct; clarify and challenge and then and only then will that transfer into change. Next week the Prayer Examiner will report on the mission of these Connecticut cities. Would you join us? e-mail


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