Answers in Parables and other things in Denver

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In last week’s Denver Evangelical Examiner, the subject was that people are God’s most precious resource and that of all of the elements and tools to cope in this world and the next is people. As the progressive street church moves down a block or towns, walk through any neighborhood in Denver and you will find a group or host home filled with caregivers and adults with intellectual disabilities. “They are part of our congregation and even more so they are in our community and they have something to add and contribute and they too are “God’s most Precious Resource,” explains the pastor. This week’s theme is to recognize that in the creation story and the story that leads us here today is God’s most precious resources. “We learn so much from the way we treat other people, and when we show mercy, love and grace and speak truth as the main elements in our periodic chart, we are practicing the greatest commandments that God has given us.” Yet a funny thing happened on the way to Capitol Hill in Denver this week. The inner-city mission team with Ancient Paths House Church Network was able to pray beyond the skyline; and plow the fields of Denver neighborhoods and the upcoming harvest.  The announcement that Progressive Street Church will be the next addition to Ancient Paths House Church Network is a direct result to last week’s Inner-city Missions which hosted 50 missionaries who were active in ministry to the homeless; to the fatherless and to the inner-city poor in the parks and streets of Denver.

Going beyond the walls

It was a guitar fast on the streets of Denver last week where the outreach was based on feeding the hungry and teaching the kids to fish so they could feed a hungry culture for a lifetime. “The youth that came here to reach out to the city,” said Carrie Schnur of Ancient Paths House Church Network, “plowed the fields” in the June and July inner-city missions work, that included the start of new relationships; sustaining missions; and expansion that reached new heights and zeroed in on people in the midst of the gleaming skyline of Denver.” It was announced that a monthly prayer walk on Capitol Hill will come as a result of the three prayer walks that were conducted from Emerson and 14th Street to East Colfax and Broadway this week. Progressive Street Church is a new outreach of Ancient Paths that will be led once a month in Capitol Hill, once a month in Colorado Springs, and will be planted on the streets of Boulder, Pueblo and possibly in Fort Collins. To get involved please e-mail Pastor Rich at

Answers in Parables

Vantage point is working on a new study on relationships and outreach. “Answers in Parables, a course in obstacles and miracles,” is an inner-city ministry and missions guide to urban America.” It will be published and an audio version will be available this Fall. As it is developed there will be a study at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs on Wednesdays at 7PM starting in September. It is open to 12 married couples who are dedicated to influencing, inviting and impacting communities that they serve and live, and/or are engaged in mission work. people may register by e-mailing In September Vantage Point NY will be training leaders in Orlando, and in October the plan is to train leaders in DC, Baltimore, NY City and Boston. To get involved




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