MLC Institute looking for Directors


The Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute this morning announced plans for management structure including mission and media funding through Five points Management. “We are looking to add people; ministry and business partners to lead the charge and calling we have” said Executive Director of Ministry, Leadership and Communications Richard Beattie. “We are looking for five leaders to start; raise support and sustain the missions of the MLC Institute.  One is a Finance Director who will manage our non- profits; write media and cultural grants and manage the Cause Central Foundation. Until then a team of business professionals; ministry leaders and prayer partners will be meeting, researching and developing a ministry of industry business plan, meeting every Thursday Morning starting this Thursday, July 11 at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs.

Vantage Point NY- World Media Christian Approach

This comes one week after the July 1 announcement and test launch of the Institute’s multimedia platform Vantage Point NY. The association with Truli Media based in Beverly Hills, California; and Vantage Point, NY signifies and begins a platform to research and develop new Christian programming, and start up media ministries and businesses. “There are 17 total initiatives and companies and ministries that MLC Institute is starting or has started,” according to Beattie. from Vantage Point NY, a new production company and studio called Mission Tracs will be launched this Wednesday, July 10. “We have our Studio Master chosen,” but the elements of three portable recorders; one multi track; a surround sound unit and an HD digital video camera are designed for reporters, musicians, and producers to work mobile and with live and the Director of Studios will be taking the stories and adding sound-design. Mission Tracs will be producing news and feature stories; community impact and music audio and video as well as all the advertising from Likewise the advertising and public relations firm. “We want to share leadership and initiatives with qualified people and entrepreneurs. The third Director that MLC will add to associates is the Director of Editorial Content for the Digital Publishing areas which include Triology and Vantage point.

The Urban Praise Movement

With a Director in charge of financing and Cause Central, Mission Tracs Studios and the Director of Editorial Content, The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is also adding a music publishing company. The Urban Praise Movement- The Melting Pot Sound is bringing on a new Director of Music and Copyrights to the MLC mix. This person will be responsible in signing artists to a digital publishing contract and getting world music with a Christian approach distributed through i-tunes and Vantage Point NY. This person also runs the You Tube audition channel called urbanpraiseny.

Executive Director of Church Coffee on a mission

Along with fundraising Mission Coffee Roasters has a brand called Church Coffee. Church Coffee has had a modest history in helping churches start a coffee house in the church but The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is taking it up a notch. Richard Beattie announced that he will be partnering with Church Coffee, in helping churches research and develop Five Point Resources customized to the community that they serve. This includes a digital/on demand media package that will have sermon and church impact studies, customized for the church. Ministry and small group information and kiosks; Barista and ministry training and coffee house outreach; original praise and worship music; digital hymnals and program guides. Fundraising for missions and ministry initiatives;  Espresso and machinery at discount prices and discounts on “Mission Coffee, and syrups as well as training.” “Through our Church Coffee initiative we are also able to book speakers, musicians, and MLC workshops, research, develop and manage church and ministry public relations, media and new ministry opportunities; and bring in new people with “really good coffee on a mission.”

Executive Director of Management

The fifth director who will serve on the board will lead the Breakthrough Management Company which will book our message leaders and speakers; our mission coordinators and planners and church and ministry planners. Worship Leaders from The Urban Praise Movement will also be booked by Breakthrough Management starting with Orlando in September; Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens in October as well as Boston. A new travel company will be getting mission discounts at X-Roads which will also be a benefit from MLC Institute.  If you are interested in being on the MLC Institute board of Directors and Entrepreneurs in the capacity of finance and grant writing; studio and editing and digital publishing as well as management of Breakthrough Management and X-roads Travel, please send a resume and a paragraph on how you can help start; support and sustain the Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute. Send it to All resumes will be confidential and applicants reviewed.





Kinetic prayer in the city

capitoo clarksono2 basilica charlieo

Forget about Zumba or martial Arts or even Yoga! Play to pray but don’t pay to play if you aren’t ready to see drastic results to the ministry of industry! In Denver the Prayer and Praise Movement will be coming to the city streets July 23 and to find out how that works e-mail

A group of musicians, leaders, and pastors gathered to discuss an idea that has been tested and proven in major cities and urban centers. “It combines prayer walking in the inner city with a melting pot of urban praise,” announced the music publisher of Five Points Media Group at a meeting this morning at Mission Coffee Roasters. Five Points is one of many initiatives of Ministry; Leadership and Communications an nationally active group who through sound business planning are working on the “redevelopment of our cities through five influences.” The plan is to not do a concert, book, or publicity tour, but to walk the talk; prayer walk and sing over your city!

For Praying and praising out-loud-“The reason why we pray,” the leader testifies; is to bring God into the conversation.” He continues with several maps of major cities; “the reason why we pray out loud is that the people can hear it, and the reason why we add praise is that our praise is an effective tool in praying and it makes a difference on what happens in the city streets.”  Cities like Denver, New York; Orlando; and Boston have had some of the most popular singers sing over their city. Michael Jackson; Bruce Springsteen; Bono and U2 have had their work amplified in venues that hold thousands. “What if Five Points and the Urban Praise Movement; sponsor prayer and praise walks with the worship of worship leaders leading the way?”

Why we pray and why we sing-The group of inner city missionaries discussed areas where prayer and praise walks have made a significant difference in cities like Denver; Queens and the Freedom Mile in Flushing; the streets of Orlando and in the heart of Boston. “The greatest warrior who ever lived was a King and a leader, yet he was also a shepherd and a songwriter;” a pastor explained to the planning group of MLC. In a noted Biblical Dictionary the word “song” is described in this way; “Singing played a significant part in the national life of the Hebrews.” The fist song was sung by Lamech (Gen 4:23-24). It was not uncommon for the Jews to compose a song celebrating some special victory or religious experience (Exod 15). The Psalter has been designated “The Song Book of Israel;” and it contains many kinds of songs. The apostle Paul urges believers to sing in both his letters to the Ephesians (5:19) and (Col. 3:16). The Book of Revelation speaks often of “heavenly singing.” (Rev 5:9,14:3).  King David wrote a good many psalms to encourage the people; and to pray blessings over the city and the nation; he was considered to be a “man after God’s own heart,” and historically is known as “God’s Poet Laurette.”

The Ministry Leadership and Communications is a group of men and women who are leading communities to what is truly important. The Five Points of Evangelism; reaching out to the Least of These; Media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer and praise; and community building can be found here Monday through Friday and a weekend summary. Please subscribe to these columns and get involved with ministry, leadership and communications in your town.

Vantage Point Media Platform-MLC is responsible for bringing Prayer and Praise to our cities and the National Prayer Examiner is the content curator of each area of the Ministry of Business or the Ministry of the Industry. “We are looking for worship leaders who have praise music for their cities that will be played on all of the platforms of Vantage Point.” This can be in any language and multiple languages. It is of many styles of world music from folk, to rock, jazz and rhythm and blues. Men; women; boys and girls; of all kinds of backgrounds.” It can also be new and traditional versions of hymns, explains the curator.

Cause and effect-The cause and effect of prayer walking with praise is being studied by the Ministry, Leadership and Communications group. Just last week in Denver prayer and praise was conducted from Emerson Street and Morey Middle School; in front of Planned Parenthood; the gay bar Charlie’s; the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the State Capitol. “It has become routine during Denver’s inner city mission that we pray for these areas and the people exposed to the constant erosion of our wills and souls. Singing praise to god that echoes in the hardest zones of Denver is an outward expression of speaking truth; singing praise to God and feeding love to a hungry culture.”

Send Songs and pray: The planning commission of Ministry; Leadership and Communications is working on prayer and praise walks in Denver in July; Colorado Springs in August; Orlando this September; Flushing, Queens and Boston in October. There are also plans for Louisville, Cincinnati; and Nashville early in 2014. If you have songs of praise and prayer in your city; please submit them to or join the Vantage Point Blog; The Urban Praise Movement is applying to Broadcast Music International (BMI) as a music publisher who airs original and traditional urban praise music from cities around the world.

Readers; Listeners and Viewers, communications is key to every relationship we enter into. We all can get better and there is a cure-, is the best thing since my grandmothers hot tattie soup! Likewise Advertising is coming beside the people and organizations that we feel “lifewise about.” The communication cure and our new friends at; are tools for you that we believe in! See what they are up to and how it can improve the way we relate to one another.



Vantage Point Webinars Join Network



Vantage Point Network is a new platform that contains digital publishing; web and phone content; digital radio/audio; and digital TV/Cinema with webinars from ministries and workshops that are designed to train and equip people to participate in community building in five key areas. A web based press conference was announced today by the Ministry of Leadership and Communications to explain the impact the webinars will have in community building and reaching out to people with special needs; their families and caregivers as well as agencies and church partners.

1. Evangelism: From the urban praise music movement to studies, relationships and outreach programs range from The Daily Audio Bible to Guidepost Audio Magazine. There is a new program that is in development that takes an audio and/or video sermon and shows how that sermon impacts the neighborhood where the church serves. There is also a small group program that integrates text with audio and video. Vantage Point is working with authors to produce an audio series called “Chapter X Chapter” which includes practical guides to many subjects. Triology is a theological interview show that deals with the Mindset and Motive for God; approaching one and other like Jesus does; and renewing the power of The Holy Spirit in our thoughts and actions. The Denver Evangelical Examiner can be found in the pages of Vantage Point every Monday.

2. The Least of These: This includes message, mission and music to inner cities and includes overviews on counseling; special needs ministries; bi-lingual and mission work. Friendship Fellowship is a series of webinars from Friendship Ministries on Lifestyle Guides and Biblical Workshops and guide mentors in getting involved in reaching out to special needs adults and children; their families and caregivers. This Tuesday column can be found in Blog Form on Vantage Point as well as archives and digital materials relating to Friendship Ministries and Friendship Fellowship Churches. Communications links and interviews will be available including and Rita Schulte’s counseling programs.

3. Media that feeds a hungry culture– The platform will be working with a new film festival. “Churches making movies” is one program that will feature a new film weekly and get instant feedback from our readers, listeners and viewers. The Media and Culture column can also be found here as well as a future newsroom that will cover major stories in audio and video magazine form.   Cause Central is a funding foundation to research and develop new media that Vantage Point will create, produce and distribute. All of this speaks to the ministries of Friendship Fellowship Churches to lay a foundation of hope and expression and to train and equip leaders and advocates to do as Jesus did when he equipped leaders and advocates to reach out to the least of these.”

4. Prayer Point- From inner city prayer walking to planning sessions the Prayer area takes prayer calls from a prayer line and will air stories of prayer every Thursday. The National Prayer Examiner   column can be found here every Thursday as well as archives, special guests and interviews.  This is the fourth of the Five Points of influence and it is the center of Ministry, Leadership and Communications.

5. Front Range Burner- Community Building: This is the area where Vantage Point will concentrate on community building, coffee house and backyard fence conversations that effect how we join together as communities in the areas where you live; work and gather.

If you have original praise and worship music Vantage Point may be the place for you. The platform is looking for concert; gatherings; audio and video files that you would let us act as your music publisher- if chosen of course. We are doing the same for authors; pastors, and filmmakers who major in original works that contain the gospel message; are on mission; and who are part of the melting pot of styles and nationalities, but have the common union of Christ. Please send any files to Join the Blog at

Vantage Point is in the gathering and development stage and will officially debut with world media, Christian approach in September.




Reporting Live from Denver


If Ancient Paths Church Network gets everything they want to get accomplished from the 30 youth and leaders it can be a breakthrough week for the youth, the house churches and the city and county of Denver. Inner city missions have been put together for the last five years and scheduled throughout the summer in Globeville, Capitol Hill, Five Points and the 16th Street Mall. Five Points Media Group will be covering the mission trip and starting today DEE will be reporting from the vantage point of this column.

The Five Points of impact

Evangelism: Vantage Point Network is going to do stories that show how the church is impacting the neighborhoods mentioned. This afternoon at Martin Luther King Park between Stapleton and Park Hill neighborhoods 5 foot sandwiches were consumed  and prayer was shared; worship was raised and the temperature came pretty close to 100 degrees. As in previous years the customary game of whiffle ball broke out.

The Least of These: The marketing plan is to go to the alley ways and reach out to people who are considered the least of these. Canvasing will happen later near the Elyria and Swansea areas and tonight at Elyria park vacation bible school, games and concerts will commence.

Media and Culture: Public gatherings, prayer walks and vacation bible school in the park will be a media that feeds a hungry culture. The canvasing is one way that the kids connect with kids and parents in the neighborhood. Pastor Robert Quintana of Pilgrim Congregational Evangelical Free Church will guide the kids through the neighborhoods. His church at 47th and Vine is one of the oldest continuous churches in the city.

Prayer Points: Student led prayer and worship, God sightings and dialogues with neighbors and God will be highlighted. The prayer this afternoon was for safety and travel, as well as God’s love spread to the people of Denver. It should be an exciting week and we will be faithful to report it all back to you.

Community Building: Studies, relationship building, and outreach will be key points from Monday in Park Hill to Friday at City Park. A communion service will be held in City Park right before the missionaries go home to their churches. Reports from leaders have shown that from what is found here in Denver  can be brought to more rural areas as well, like Casper and even in Littleton, Colorado.

The people involved would like to communicate with readers throughout the week.


Communications? Try thecommunicationcure. I know you didn’t even know you had the disease! We all can get better. Go and tell them Dee sent you.



For the Best Vantage Point Read This



The trip to inner city mindsets is like a constant reprogramming of the GPS system. It is only as good as what we put in to it. From cone zones to media obstacles; distractions and feeding fuel; hunger pangs and bathroom breaks along the way it is easy to pass exits; ignore gauges and needles and most tragically people who need attention. Ministry and missions are too often that way and it is often what we miss and pass by that defeats the entire trip’s effectiveness. Timing is everything. What could we proactively prevent or help, start or commit to that we miss. It is too easy to pass by the ministry opportunity along the road of the hurting; the homeless and the disenfranchised. Sometimes we miss the pleas from our own family members who have their thumb out for a ride. What may be in their GPS is a denial of truth; a product of their environment; a bout with anger and depression. You might provide hope in the journey that includes (but is not limited to) redemption, through forgiveness; reconciliation, acceptance; motivation and evangelism.

Mill around Denver
Mill around Denver
Photo credit:
Denver planning office

Giving our all for the least of these

Ancient Paths and Word and Spirit in conjunction with Friendship Fellowship embrace the SRO method of community. “In all our gatherings we are purposeful in studying the Word of God and guiding people into community through relationship building; friendship and fellowship.” Then the third aspect is outreach. When married couples come together in a life group atmosphere, they take their rightful place in leading people by example and invitation to study what God says about every life issue; relate and collaborate on everything from education to communications and lovingly commit to the community through outreach.” This includes families with special needs and group and host homes who house adults with disabilities. “When marriage and families come together, they are the backbone and the foundation of community.” Friendship Fellowship has become more than a place where people with Intellectual Disabilities can express their faith. It is becoming a strong community influence that “welcomes people into community that loves God with all they’ve got and extends that love to their neighbors.” To start friendship in your community e-mail Pastor Rich,

Make sure the target audience doesn’t have a target on her back!

The idea of writing a progressive column may sound strange to conservative readers but please read on. This kind of model can only happen online and on a daily balanced basis. At Ministry of Leadership and Communications the group of trained writers; producers; pastors and entrepreneurs, have written and lived out mission statements that leave no room- for cream or tweaking. The thought process develops in ways we cannot predict and when reviewing media our knee-jerk reaction is to pick and critique with little or no love in-between the lines. In fact the current legal and political system’s creative process is 1. Campaign; 2. Compromise and 3. Control. It doesn’t spell out positive change, as originally sold; but is useful in the Nixonian approach of media arm twisting that forces change, like a communistic dictator who undermines previous leaders to deflect blame. The mainstream goes along with it; the polls direct the ship and we are all in deep yogurt as a result. Does this kind of correction belong in a column of media that feeds culture? It does and here is the reason, The current political climate of bait and switch is being paid forward by the mainstream media.

The power of the name

The danger of a constant campaigning; compromise without backbone or values is that it leads to unfettered chaos. Did you pray for change when the president made that his campaign mantra? The President delivered on that promise, we did get change. Yet we lost something in that change of leadership, we lost “leadership!” Servant Leaders which include Public Servants, make changes by working on correcting our course; rising to uncompromising challenges; and waiting for God on change. That means that you have to talk to God and the only way any human can do that is to pray to God through the power of the name and the cost of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Poured out as a drink offering

This means to look across the table and call sin, sin. To call wrong, wrong. And to call evil, evil. When you draw the line on chemical weapons in taking action, then take a stand. That line was crossed by Saddam Husein in 2001. There is no doubt that we as a praying people should pray for a redirection of this administration, to cease campaigning and to embrace correction. To rise to the many challenges that we as a nation have caused. And that our hearts and minds will accept the changes orchestrated by God and to never, never, never give up on prayer.

Community building. That is what the weekend is all about. It isn’t what you might think where “we live for the weekend,” and mow our lawns in suburbia. Along the Front Range many people have had to rethink the Kentucky Bluegrass and the water restrictions. Stewardship is one thing, but a dry climate needs adaptation and a different kind of beauty. Next week mission teams will be in Denver for evangelism; special needs; media and culture; prayer-walks and community building from Capitol Hill to Globeville and points in between. The city is only as beautiful as it’s people and Denver. Every year teens and young adults are amazed by the beauty and the reception they get when they walk Denver streets. Sure there is the good but there is also the bad and the dark sides of Denver. Ugly? The violent side of the city is not seen all the time, but the aftermath of crime tape, broken glass and blood stains are evident. “All we can do is pray,” and so 30 to 80 youths pray for the city- but moreover for the people.

Houses of worship

The house church movement at Ancient Paths Church Network is blooming and being planted not only in Denver neighborhoods, it is winding down the highway to Colorado Springs. Community building is opening up our doors but allowing for margin and borders; safety and experience. When we love our neighbors and we ask “Who is our neighbor?” It is a time to examine who we reach out to. That’s why community building starts with “loving God-with all we’ve got!” This exchange is the story of the Good Samaritan. Does that tell you a little about who our neighbors are? “the one who showed mercy on the man who was beaten.” Jesus says something that if we really loved our neighbors we would show mercy- “Go and do likewise.”

Communication is key with couples, families and friends. But as the pastor said in this story, you might have to dig and give it your all to apply the principles. But you and I are worth it, and through it all a counselor has dug enough to find: Sign up for free.

The National Prayer Examiner is doing a series of re-arranging familiar ethnic folk songs, and bringing prayer to the mix. Today’s piece is the traditional Celtic tune “Flow Gently Sweet Afton.” If you have an original or traditional song-prayer and you are located in New York, Vantage Point wants to share your music and words with our readers, listeners and viewers. For more go to


Melting Pot- Prayers that sing


Traditional music and folk processed words have bolstered up communities since the days of Pentecost. Intimate worship and the portable chapel of guitar and voice come together with energy and relevance with an emphasis on truth. A project that will be hitting the airwaves and broadband in New York City is “Beatitude- Celtic music, today’s prayer.” This will be done through Melting Pot Praise and Worship and will be aired on Vantage Point- World Media Christian Approach a new media Network platform. “We will be taking traditional and original music and singing out prayers and Biblical Truth,” the music publisher told the National Prayer Examiner. “We will take the sounds of ethnic music starting with Celtic Prayers and Traditional Tunes to Jazz, Gospel; Call and Response, Blues, Calypso; Middle and Far Eastern and also original songs.” The idea is to have Praise and Worship originate from New York neighborhood churches and integrate the sounds into a new format. The Melting Pot Sound is an authentic flavor that will be heard live at church coffee houses and reflect the prayers of the local communities throughout the city. “The Vantage Point brand is “World Media Christian Approach,” and the art galleries at the coffee houses will also reflect each ethnicity of the music and in some cases even the coffee! In this case the brand is World MUSIC Christian Approach, with the Melting Pot forum.


subway-scene-05 Back-Fence-Bar-and-Restaurant-Winter-New-York-PC2441-sm


Starting with Celtic

The traditional Irish Catholic families and the Scottish Presbyterian families who originated from Brooklyn  and now are found on the North and South Shore of Nassau and Suffolk Counties are migrating to the city again to seek their roots. Many times the songs surround the prayers of the Mass with the Gloria, Kyrie; Sanctus and Agnus Dei. The folk styled music will reflect these pieces. Then comes the traditional pieces used for the poems of Robert Burns and traditional songs like “The Water is Wide” (tune is Wally-Wally).


bakwellmotherwell church_of_the_ascension

Woman at the well

“The water is life” the people sing. “I shall not thirst. And neither have- I fear to die. Give me a cup that will bring us to and I will drink, from Jacob’s well.”

His love is giving, His love is kind

It pours and flows, through heart and mind

His love renews and carries through

and we shall drink from Jacob’s well.

The people sing the familiar and the personalization and the history of the “Woman at the Well” is something they can fix their minds on. And then the truth as we sing in our Samaria:

He knows your past, He knows your future. His breath will breathe, His lips bring truth.

And all the things of earth shall die- the water springs and brings new life.

Jesus in the village

Speaking and singing the love language of God

Pastor Jim Cymbala writes in “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” that the revelation that he got, when he was about to quit the ministry in the early days of  Brooklyn Tabernacle: “Prayer.” He was praying during respite for some answers. The impression that changed his perspective was that “you know a popular church by how many people come to Sunday service, a popular pastor, by who attends on Sunday evening, but you know a neighborhood that is pursuing Christ by how many people come to the prayer meeting,” from that point forward Brooklyn Tab never looked back. Pastor Cymbala has described the prayer at Brooklyn Tab to sound like a delivery room at times.

He knows your name, he knows your thoughts

He brings you life, He formed your heart

And when we follow, He builds your dreams

Spring out this life, at Jacob’s well


Melting Pot:

Send your songs original and traditional (or combination) in a digital file to:

We are accepting music and words from NY churches. Please give us as much background information as you can. Need prayer? Send your prayers to

Learning how to talk to one another is getting harder and harder in relationships. For breakthroughs there is Developed by counselor Keith Dorscht, this is something we all can use! From June 10-15 the National Prayer Examiner will be leading worship; preaching, teaching and taking people on prayer walks in Denver through Ancient Paths House Church Network. If you would like to join us e-mail



Yardstick- the new media measurement

Timelines are one thing but through advertising and media reach we are based on more accurate reads on who is reading you; listening to you and who is watching or viewing you.  After years of measuring ad sales; book sales, Arbitron and Nielsen ratings the people who give you Vantage Point- World Media Christian Approach have compiled a blue collar approach and a wooden measurement system that strikes fear into every former Catholic School boy who was corrected, challenged and changed by a one yard long piece of lumber- the yardstick.

mean nunShe may strike fear into you, but her measurements are always accurate! But seriously, one of the things that our leadership team found is by taking social media; blog-sites and a daily balance approach to relating to people who were regularly reading, listening and viewing our content,  then taking the donations from our ministry and foundations, the return on investment for our advertisers, adding affiliate measurements from affiliate marketing groups, then reading the findings of Arbitron, Nielsen and Quantcast the foundation of our reads, listens and views are laid.  But that is not where it stops.

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pintrest, Google-plus and then the measurements found on feedback, circulation feeds; with donors and supporters; letters and first- responders, return on investment stats, Google analytics and daily tracking and analysis we get to the Yardstick number, the bottom line of reads, listens and views. For instance Vantage Point- WMCA started the reads part of things to build readership that would give feedback to cultivating programs for audio and visual. We found that the best way to proceed was to build an online platform that would link to publishing, audio and video. In a weeks time we got feedback from our focus groups at 5 points of influence. This group gathers data, editorial and trends in areas of evangelism; special needs ministry, media that feeds a hungry culture, prayer and community building.

From reads alone last week Vantage point syndicated to social media through Linked in where we had 5,151 reads, three Facebook pages that garnered 1572 reads; 1200 Twitter reads and through the Denver Evangelical Examiner the daily average with the Vantage Point Word Press BLOG came to almost 400 direct reads, World Media just over 700 reads. Feedback was from 12 percent of that group and affiliated advertising about 2 percent.

9023 total reads

1082 feedback and votes (response form)

180 people responded to affiliated marketing


Yardstick Number for last week = 1289 Daily Reach

Response= 1082 votes (divided by 7)

Daily sales= $154

Ad percentage= $15 a day

Revenue= 180 x average sale of $6.50= $1170

The foundation of reads, listens and views

Reads and publishing Point

Triology publications: Studies-relationship and Outreach

Five Point Leadership Curriculum

Give, grow, guide- Guides to all out ministry


So the foundation on reads is logged. The basis is to track ups and downs and trends.  The feedback allows us to know how to proceed with Vantage Point-WMCA. The programs that were voted on are:

Audio and Digital Radio:

Your Daily Balance- the morning show (in development)

Daily Audio Bible: Brian Hardin:

World Music Christian Approach ( 2hours daily of original music from NY churches- in development)


Mission Fields audio magazine (in development)

Friendship Fellowship

Adventures in Odyssey (weekends)

Everyday Relationships with Greg Smalley

Guidepost Audio Magazine

Studies relationship and outreach

Chapter x chapter- audio books (in development)

News source- real news for real people (in development)

Video and Views-

Christian Film Festivals

Mission Coffee House- message, mission and music

Webinars and websites

The Communication Cure:

Friendship Ministries Webinar on Mentoring people with special needs

Yardstick and Likewise- The new alphabetical order

In measuring our foundation progress allows Vantage Point to get an interactive view into the programming and scheduling that we will invest in when the network launches in September.  We have asked every program to bring us 7 advertisers who are willing to invest $14 a spot 4 times a day. Yardstick allows us to measure their return on that investment of $56 a day which helps us determine the effectiveness of their ad dollar. (See Likewise).