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Fiscal Year 2014



Executive Summary:

Dear supporters and friends;

Just a few short years ago I closed what was known as Envoy Creative Media and looked around for the next thing God would have me do. As a creative writer; artist; and composer and lyricist with some entrepreneurial skills in January 2011, things looked bleak. The economy; the work and for ministries I sent resumes out and was even offered jobs; and as 2011 was in its second week; I saw four doors that were wide open, blow shut.

Message; Mission and Music

At the same time I was being called in a direction to start churches for people with special needs; their caregivers and families. That was another matter that I had to raise my own support which at that time was prohibitive. Yet we kept on driving to Denver and back; leading Friendship and writing my columns and planning for my friend Brett Bixler to move and start Mission Coffee Roasters at a warehouse suite Envoy Creative was looking at to start a studio.  We survived that winter thanks to family and friends; a summer missions project that paid in the fall and then the phone rang. I was invited to work on an interim basis at Focus on the Family, where I had worked for 11 years, and had as an Envoy Creative client for 3 and half years.

The Ancient Path, Gate and  Road

So that was two years ago and since then Friendship Fellowship has grown to three gatherings; I am in my fourth year with Ancient Paths where I am on staff and an elder; I am working on getting ordained by Word and Spirit churches; Mission Coffee is up and running and has exciting new ventures that we are part of; and I am starting a new media platform, which you can read about in this guide. Please continue to pray for me and my teammates as we continue in evangelism; special needs ministry; creating media that feeds a hungry culture; planning through praise and prayer and planting churches and growing businesses that foster the building of real and deep community.

Pastor Richard Beattie-Friendship Fellowship Den-COS/ September 2, 2013

Ancient Paths Planting churches at home

In 2010 I reunited with my friend Bruce Duell to get involved with a movement in Denver to plant house churches in a network throughout the inner-city. Every year Bruce and his wife Karen, Carrie Schnur and Jill and I participate in leading Summer Missions to inner city Denver; lead Prayer walks; and minister to people in Denver neighborhoods. This year the vision that “God uses people as his most precious resource” is a theme that I will lead with in all my initiatives and integrate within my personal and corporate messaging. A men’s group that meets on Wednesdays is an addition to the work I am doing with APHC and will continue in adding Colorado Springs to the ministry at Ancient Paths. The group will

meet at Mission Coffee Roasters from 6:30 PM-9PM every Wednesday.

Breakthrough Management      The ministry of industry is a mindset in all businesses that we start or mentor and coach. From property management and real estate; to caregiving, retail and research and product and service development BT Management finds breakthroughs by asking the right question and then working it out on paper and in practice. BT MGT. leads in five points of managing the ministry of industry: evangelism; special needs and caregiving; media that feeds a hungry culture; praise and prayer; community building. Our mission is to practice leadership by God’s Word and motive for us; approach everything with a Christ-like approach; and fill and refill our power base with the Holy Spirit.





Cause Central In a fact-finding mission based on looking at our strengths, weaknesses; opportunities and threats we found that SWOT analysis revealed the strongpoints as management and coaching creative, production and distribution of media. Weaknesses of our organizations are fund-raising; administration; capital management; team-building; and sales. Our opportunities are in technology; editorial, and in church planting and idea generation. Threats are under-capitalization and growth management. Our conclusion is to take courses in grant writing; and set a foundation for evangelism; special needs and caregiving; media and culture; praise and prayer in planning; and community building.

Daily Balance From finances to work and study; spiritual quiet time and initiatives; health, nutrition and fitness; our relationship at home; in work; and throughout our community need to be better balanced through a purposeful and meaningful course and schedule. Daily Balance is a tool that we are developing for ministry leaders and communicators so that we can be more efficient in Word; in Spirit; in thought and action. It is a dashboard that calculates key measurable in study; in building relationships and in outreach and takes into account our finances; nutritional and fitness concerns so that we can balance out at the top of our game. It allows us to correct and be corrected; rise and to encourage challenges and help one another change or feel compelled to seek change and measure our growth in the process.


 Editorial Calendar  Since 2009 our leadership team has been publishing articles at We are trained journalists who have 5 titles that are published daily. We renew that commitment and even go 5 steps further beginning today. Ministry, Leadership and Communications will release an editorial calendar for The Denver Evangelical Examiner; The Denver Special Needs ministry Examiner; The Denver Media and Culture Examiner; The National Prayer Examiner and The Front Range-Community Building Examiner. On Vantage Point NY we will have a five minute audio examiner story Monday thru Friday starting in October.

Friendship Fellowship The FY 2014 season will start in Denver and in Colorado Springs in the next two weeks. Friendship Fellowship is a special church for people with special needs and their caregivers and families. In Denver MLC began the journey and have grown it to 3 locations reaching over 80 men and women with Intellectual Disabilities. Last year our theme was to “enable people to express their faith in Christ.” This year the emphasis will be on the Old Testament and our relationship with God. “The theme through all of our work and outreach is that people are God’s most precious resource.” We meet Mondays; Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.

3 G: Giving; Growing and Guidance Group: In all of our ministries and businesses we have advising boards of investors, leaders and mentors that guide us and hold us accountable The 3 G Network is a group of men and women who give and manage giving; grow and guide our organizations and help us stay balanced in all of our visions and timing. These are CEO’s; counselors and people who have been part of the leadership. It is our peer group of pastors and ministry leaders who we respect and listen to.  Every organization needs these folks.

Homestand People tell us what they are against all the time. Homestand tells what we are working for. Most of us travel a bit and when we are at home we don’t need to be fighting to get what we want in our communities. So we are developing resources and gathering areas where we can encourage each other; raise new leadership and support leadership that works on the things we believe in. “We have examined and pointed out what we are against; it’s time to join together and support the things we are for.”

The Inn Group:  We are a group of men who are innovators; who take product and business to market; and who travel a bit. The Inn Group is a place where we help inaugurate and take inventory on new inventive ways to use and integrate our work into improving the quality of life of people around us.

Join the Junction: The junction is a place where we can discuss and where ministry entrepreneurs meet and develop a regular dialogue. In Orlando; NY and Boston the junction will be to discuss plans to integrate ministries and business in the communities. Join the junction, ask us how…

Knowledge Base: The brains behind our organizations are only as clever as the knowledge base is. The knowledge base of experts and planners in evangelism; special needs ministries; media and culture; prayer in planning; and community building grows wider by the day. The family of Blogs; the café discussions and the theological, historical and business knowledge is something we share through media; and social media on a daily basis. Take advantage of our experts or at  least the people who know where to find the answers!




Likewise: The NY ad firm:  Likewise is thrilled to be creating, producing and distributing your advertising. We are an advertising firm that prides itself on going up against major Madison Avenue firms but with a totally different business concept. We feel that the Ministry of Business is more important than the Business of Ministry. We know that you feel the same way in encouraging people to use their gifts and talents and equipping them to grow together. Like us you give your clients a break and a sliding scale while getting the message; the mission and the music out to the world. We feel likewise and vow to do our very best in creating a series of eight, six week campaigns for you.

Mission Café: Where church and coffee create community: There is nothing more exciting than the concept of a church opening up a café, and reaching people who would not come in normally. Mission Coffee offers free consulting and discounted rates for churches and communities that open a Mission Café at their church. Furthermore Ministry, Leadership and Communication can help book great speakers and teachers; musicians as well as digital studies when you contract us for a year and buy your supply of “really good coffee with a mission, changing lives, one cup at a time!”

Net -Works:  The curators of Biblical mindset; Systematic approach; and the evangelical power through media, arts, and industry show up in the net works of writers; artists; songwriters; producers and studios. Our networks pay respect to men and women whose talent; vocation and art converge with their purpose and calling. “when your net worth is a result of your faith combined with your art a new look at net-worth from an investment standpoint is found in the detail.”

Orchards:  “By their fruit you shall know them,” the Biblical verse reads. “By the fruit of the people inspired by the studios and designs of our ministers; leaders and communicators will you know us and by the standard of the offering, you may judge us,” says a pastor in our community.

Progressive Street Church: Message; mission and music in the inner city is a true “beyond the walls” ministry at Ancient Paths. Block to block on a prayer walk down the street in the inner city of Denver, people are encouraged, fed and invited in a monthly worship service that is led in some of the hardest sections of the city. The goal is to duplicate the effort in urban areas around the US and Canada. The other goal is to lead PSC every week and give true pastoral care to the people in the streets.

Quintessential Elements: 5 senses of five points give an earthy tone to the elements of faith. See what is good; those with ears should hear; speak and sing of the goodness of the Lord and “Taste and see what the Lord has done.” The aroma of worship; is a pleasing aroma to the Lord.” Our offering is evangelism; special needs ministries; media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer and praise, voices lifted up and a true sense of invitation to the table in the community. These are the quintessential elements of Five Points Ministry- drink deep.

RE: The revealing nature of re-vitalization; restoration; renewing your mind and heart is seeing it with a new perspective and in fat “new eyes.” This is a concept that we pass on to our readers, listeners and viewers- and we will exhaustively re-port on the words that begin with re, and try to give you a fresh view and review of what it means to ministry, leadership and communications.

Sweet Spot Affiliates: One of Likewise clients is the nature of the affiliate business and adding ways we can grow the idea of affiliate marketing with radio and TV. Between the banner ads and the e-blasts Sweet Spot Affiliates is taking national brands and branding the sound and the visual images for a percentage of a buy.

Triology: The publishing division of Vantage Point for audio, video and multiple platforms available to our clients. Chapter X Chapter is one of the platform and the partnership with Truli Media is helping us distribute this work.

Urban Praise Movement: World Music-Christian Approach, is our way to bring an urban sound in many styles of music to worship. We are curators of the sound and we are exploring all venues and starting this publishing company through BMI.

Vantage Point  NY: World Media Christian Approach is how we look at VPNY. Tested this summer VPNY is an on-demand platform that we will bring the audience programs with a message; mission and music from and to the urban core of cities.

Word and Spirit Network: Our church planting network from Mountain Springs Church in Colorado is where we will train and ordain men to pastor and plant churches throughout the world. Friendship Fellowship and Progressive Street Church are two examples; then there is also a connection with Mission Café in areas where we can reach people and build communities through great teaching; worship and fellowship.

X-Road Travel: Management style for those of us who travel need help with the arrangements and expense reports. We started a mission travel group that seeks discounted fares and travel for our ministers; leaders, and communicators.

Zenith Conferences : The ministry of leadership and communications is holding Zenith Conferences to develop leaders in 26 areas and also to help them write Ministry of Business Plans. For 26 different types of industry. Conferences and meetings are in Denver; Colorado Springs; Orlando; NY, Boston; New England; Nashville; Louisville; Cincinnati and Indiana. From the industry of Advertising to Healthcare; sports; music and media; the Zenith Conferences are for Business Leaders; Church Leaders and even Political Leaders.




Ministry-Leadership-Communications 5 Points of Leadership

Evangelism Special Needs Media and Culture Prayer, Planning and Praising Community Building
Ancient Paths Friendship Fellowship Briargate Media

Progressive Street Church Breakthrough Management
Cause Central Cause Central Cause Central Cause Central Cause Central
Daily Balance Triology Publishing Daily Balance Daily Balance Daily Balance
Three G-Giving ;growing; guidance   Orchard Studio and gallery The Inn Group Homestand
Knowledge Base Knowledge Base Knowledge Base Knowledge Base Junction
Quintessential Elements   Likewise Ads Orchard Programming Knowledge Base
RE   Sweet spot affiliates Urban Praise Movement BMI


Mission Café
Word and Spirit Network   Triology Publishing

Chapter X Chapter audio books

    Urban Praise Movement BMI   X-Road Travels
    Vantage Point NY    
Zenith Summit Zenith Conference Yardstick Zenith Conference Zenith Summits




Skylines above and beyond


It was announced this week that in the next half of this summer, the Ministry, Leadership and Communications Institute will be gathering a new annual “Five points Guide to inner-city missions.” They call it “Skylines” and it is the latest initiative that will cover sixty world-wide cities that start in Denver next week. Go to

Aerial coverage provided by God

“We take a silhouette or photograph of each city, identify the needs and mission and scope the neighborhoods; and pinpoint the ministry of evangelism; the leadership in reaching out to the least of these; a commitment to creating and receiving media that will feed a hungry culture with a trustworthy message; we will plant churches and start progressive street churches, where prayer and praise will signal invitation to a hurting world.” Skylines will take the Capitol Hill neighborhood and continue prayer and participate by partnering with agencies and ministries in a full-court press to rescue the prisoners of rejection; addiction; legalism; politics; and media manipulation. Human Trafficking, racism, financial stress, unemployment; and crime.

Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven

The skylines of these cities are beautiful. We can pray for them from the harbor, from the aerial view and the silhouette. But God’s plan is to pinpoint areas of concern; everyday outreach the grittiness; and the somehow forgotten faces. Skylines takes the facade of the skyline and puts a face on it. It gets beyond the church and temple, it gets in the face of the state, it sees the beauty in human life and it is able to correct; clarify and challenge and then and only then will that transfer into change. Next week the Prayer Examiner will report on the mission of these Connecticut cities. Would you join us? e-mail

Vantage Point NY: Coffee Tastes better here

amission amissionint.

The regulars pour in at the warehouse building in North Colorado Springs. The backbone of ministries and missions, church and State, exist and grow northward. Voyager Boulevard is a place where home, business and community thrive. A bedroom community that experienced smoke and evacuations just a month ago; but spared the gut wrenching loss and then came together to reach out to the neighbors to the North and the East of Northgate; Flying Horse. They were all here for coffee, for fellowship; and for community gathering just North of Interquest on Voyager. For prayer warriors who love great coffee; this was the place to be. For people meeting their insurance adjusters or planning fall ministry and small groups this also was the gathering over espresso; iced coffees and teas that seem almost dreamlike. “It’s a place where Progressive can drink with Compassion,” says one guest. “It’s also a place where church can reach out to the State and discuss the common unions we all have, through adversity;  and where we have all been in the last month.” The Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute was meeting with teens from the Desperation Band Conference at New Life Church just up the street. This weekend at New Life Church the community will come together in worship. It is happening right now- 9 AM and it lasts until 7 tonight. But there will be a few more opportunities throughout the summer.  For more:

Coffee in the upward community

Howard Schultz writes in his book “Onward: How Starbucks fought for its soul,” that the coffee house experience in Europe was what he wanted to bring back to the States. But some say that  mass- production and mass- growth has hampered true community and political stances into social issues are blunting and disrupting community at Starbucks and it is surprising that the Schultz is either oblivious or he doesn’t care. Since his return as CEO, Starbucks seems to have alienated its base and is more like McStarbucks than ever before. What would Schultz think of if he were sitting at Mission Coffee? Instead of walking onward, he might be looking upward and forward to the day when community could be bolstered at a coffee house. Where true community and mission is found. In traveling cities, the average coffee drinker finds a Starbucks in the middle of some of the most mission hungry streets in major cities worldwide. Starbucks largely ignores the mission of community and “you can’t lose a soul if you don’t have a heart for people,” says a ministry of business expert associated with the institute. “When “Onward” means, walking on by the guy in the gutter in front of your stores, it says a lot about who and what your commitment is to the communities where you serve.”

Upward Thinking


For Brett Bixler coffee is about “changing lives with every cup” and “making really good coffee with a mission.” The clean, wood-stained tables with the heart-warming gallery of paintings is inviting and welcoming. The mission and support to coffee- farmers worldwide is fair-trade and beyond. It is more than the “tolerance movement” and reflects a love moved as in the story of the Good Samaritan. “Tolerance can fight for its life without losing its soul; yet it can’t love God and neighbor like Jesus commands us to.” Aside from better and fresher coffee, Bixler quietly supports mission’s work through fundraising efforts and sheer generosity.   There is a “better cup” at Mission, no question, and the vision of community; is found in the vision not unlike the dream of Howard Schultz but with a purer motive, a better approach, and with a power that is foreign to Schultz. If Schultz likes to close his famous memos with “Onward,” Bixler might adopt “Upward.”

Church Coffee -really good coffeehouses in your neighborhood

What is on board? It is today’s special at Mission Coffee! Ask and you will receive! Today’s trivia: Who is the Cliff, behind the cliffhanger and what is the secret bean behind the Italian Sunrise? Ask the Barista at Mission Coffee 11641 Ridgeline Drive, just North of Interquest and New Life Church. It is really good coffee with a mission. Need to bag some great beans and you aren’t in the neighborhood? Order fresh coffee Church Coffee is a sponsor for the new Vantage Point NY on demand media platform that includes the daily Five Points column. “The vision is that churches can expand ministry and missions by starting and managing a better coffee house in their communities,” explains the FREX editor. Church not only shows you how to get the best and freshest beans delivered, but also consults churches on the outreach a really good coffee house can mean to your neighborhood. Call 888.673.4069.

Interesting developments at Vantage Point NY





Wednesday, July 10, 2013- DENCOS. The media tide of markets from large market to small is never more apparent than the Denver to Colorado Springs markets. In the Springs there is only a casual mention of Denver weather on traditional radio and television and in Denver out of small market respect, few stories south of Castle Rock make it to the airwaves. In recent years with the economy and the technological advances the median age who watches local news is 59 and up. This was some of the conversation at Mission Coffee Roasters on Tuesday, and the conversation bled through this morning’s session that was on digital; online; on phone and other applications. With that two of the guests who have started a phone application announced that they would be partnering with Vantage Point NY on the distribution side through phone applications. Lee Carter and Zach Appel started Minimal Development ( and outlined plans in working with media groups and changing the model for content providers; advertisers; producers and the next step for broadcasters and studios. “The Vantage Point NY model is the future and the future is now,” says Carter who is based in Lubbock Texas. Appel, who lives and works from Colorado Springs agrees, “Lee and I work mostly through Skype for meetings and conversations, but this was a chance to get together with other media and tech pros.”

Breaking the scourge of Breaking news

A few weeks ago the Denver Media and Culture Examiner made mention of a new marketing trend that seemed to make every story covered by local news “Breaking News.” Last week, NPR reported a Louisville, Kentucky vowing “never to say that our stories are all breaking news and that the audience needs to trust their community news source, not to use “Breaking News as a marketing ploy.” Last week Channel 7 in Denver and Channel 11, the CBS affiliates, ceased the “Breaking News campaign.” Journalists who were horrified by the misuse of terminology and gimmickry, breathed a sigh of relief at the Wednesday, Five Points Conference. “It gets back to the phone aps and how we are ready to decide what we want to read; listen to and view, at the time we are ready for it;” Carter says, and at the same time some of the clients of Minimal Development only get the information that they need.

Fix me- the way to fix New York

A sink hole forms in the Bronx and an elevator is out in the Chrysler Building. New York City contractors find out with a phone application designed and implemented by Carter and Appel from Minimal Development. This IS breaking news and when the right contractor gets the map they can be “Johnnie and Janey on the spot” breaking the metropolitan gridlock that so often leaves the city in a panic. This is the type of application that saves time; maximizes efficiency and could avert disaster. “This is what Vantage Point in NY wants to do with dozens of studies, relationship and community building works. From faith to messages, missions and music; our maps can be sensitive to the needs of our neighborhoods.


If you would like to find out more on how to get involved in The Five Points of Influence; Invitation and Impact e-mail


MLC Institute looking for Directors


The Ministry; Leadership and Communications Institute this morning announced plans for management structure including mission and media funding through Five points Management. “We are looking to add people; ministry and business partners to lead the charge and calling we have” said Executive Director of Ministry, Leadership and Communications Richard Beattie. “We are looking for five leaders to start; raise support and sustain the missions of the MLC Institute.  One is a Finance Director who will manage our non- profits; write media and cultural grants and manage the Cause Central Foundation. Until then a team of business professionals; ministry leaders and prayer partners will be meeting, researching and developing a ministry of industry business plan, meeting every Thursday Morning starting this Thursday, July 11 at Mission Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs.

Vantage Point NY- World Media Christian Approach

This comes one week after the July 1 announcement and test launch of the Institute’s multimedia platform Vantage Point NY. The association with Truli Media based in Beverly Hills, California; and Vantage Point, NY signifies and begins a platform to research and develop new Christian programming, and start up media ministries and businesses. “There are 17 total initiatives and companies and ministries that MLC Institute is starting or has started,” according to Beattie. from Vantage Point NY, a new production company and studio called Mission Tracs will be launched this Wednesday, July 10. “We have our Studio Master chosen,” but the elements of three portable recorders; one multi track; a surround sound unit and an HD digital video camera are designed for reporters, musicians, and producers to work mobile and with live and the Director of Studios will be taking the stories and adding sound-design. Mission Tracs will be producing news and feature stories; community impact and music audio and video as well as all the advertising from Likewise the advertising and public relations firm. “We want to share leadership and initiatives with qualified people and entrepreneurs. The third Director that MLC will add to associates is the Director of Editorial Content for the Digital Publishing areas which include Triology and Vantage point.

The Urban Praise Movement

With a Director in charge of financing and Cause Central, Mission Tracs Studios and the Director of Editorial Content, The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is also adding a music publishing company. The Urban Praise Movement- The Melting Pot Sound is bringing on a new Director of Music and Copyrights to the MLC mix. This person will be responsible in signing artists to a digital publishing contract and getting world music with a Christian approach distributed through i-tunes and Vantage Point NY. This person also runs the You Tube audition channel called urbanpraiseny.

Executive Director of Church Coffee on a mission

Along with fundraising Mission Coffee Roasters has a brand called Church Coffee. Church Coffee has had a modest history in helping churches start a coffee house in the church but The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is taking it up a notch. Richard Beattie announced that he will be partnering with Church Coffee, in helping churches research and develop Five Point Resources customized to the community that they serve. This includes a digital/on demand media package that will have sermon and church impact studies, customized for the church. Ministry and small group information and kiosks; Barista and ministry training and coffee house outreach; original praise and worship music; digital hymnals and program guides. Fundraising for missions and ministry initiatives;  Espresso and machinery at discount prices and discounts on “Mission Coffee, and syrups as well as training.” “Through our Church Coffee initiative we are also able to book speakers, musicians, and MLC workshops, research, develop and manage church and ministry public relations, media and new ministry opportunities; and bring in new people with “really good coffee on a mission.”

Executive Director of Management

The fifth director who will serve on the board will lead the Breakthrough Management Company which will book our message leaders and speakers; our mission coordinators and planners and church and ministry planners. Worship Leaders from The Urban Praise Movement will also be booked by Breakthrough Management starting with Orlando in September; Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens in October as well as Boston. A new travel company will be getting mission discounts at X-Roads which will also be a benefit from MLC Institute.  If you are interested in being on the MLC Institute board of Directors and Entrepreneurs in the capacity of finance and grant writing; studio and editing and digital publishing as well as management of Breakthrough Management and X-roads Travel, please send a resume and a paragraph on how you can help start; support and sustain the Ministry of Leadership and Communications Institute. Send it to All resumes will be confidential and applicants reviewed.




The walk goes onward and upward

moreyfront (1) planned parenthood charlieo basilica clarksono2 capitoo 220px-Fivepointsmap1

“There is a new era of evangelism sweeping the streets of Denver and cities along the Front Range, and it starts from a coffee house and follows the map of neighborhoods throughout the inner city.” This is what was spoken of, from the Voyager and Interquest areas of Colorado Springs and Capitol Hill neighborhoods in Denver. This morning Progressive Street Church launched from Emerson and 13th Streets in Denver and The World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs. “Every month, usually the first Sunday we will train and launch prayer and worship teams on the city streets,” says one of the pastor’s who is planting the Five Points of influence with Denver, Colorado Springs (DENCOS); Orlando in September and Brooklyn, Queens and Boston in October. The movement began as prayer walking in Denver and moved to praise and worship; inner-city ministry training and now includes a monthly message to the neighborhoods. On this day, the Progressive Street Church ends at Mission Coffee Roasters where espresso drinks are served and a message is given.

Say the Word

Original urban praise hits the streets early. There is a progressive prayer that begins at a public school. Along the way there are the obstacles for any neighborhood student. So the prayer and praise warriors pray and sing over that child for protection. Capitol Hill is the ultimate urban obstacle course and we are here to give; grow and guide the missionary, for face to face worship and ministry. “When you place and expose children to lifestyles contrary to God’s plan, you are forcing your lifestyle on them.” The message begins with that truth and from that perspective. “Yet at the same time God wants us to reach out to the people trapped in their lifestyle and to give them truth and wisdom. When we give a cup of coffee, or a drink of water may it contain truth; love and grace.” Then the message gets Biblical.

Power and Authority

“The Centurion approached Jesus and asked him for help. This is a man of power and authority. He is like the head of an army of men. He says to one of his reports, Do this now, and he does it, and “go and bring” and he brings it. This guy has authority to get things done!  And yet he has a request of Jesus and he approaches him with humility and grace. “My worker, my assistant and my servant has fallen ill. Lord, will you heal him?” Jesus, nods and tells the officer to ‘lead the way, I will go to him.’ Then the Centurion says something that really impresses the Lord, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof. Just say the word and I know my servant will be healed.” Jesus replies that in all of Israel, I have not seen this degree of faith! And this is a Roman Centurion! Among the legalistic and the political and religious teachers who should know who Jesus is, they scoff and are annoyed at his demonstrated authority and in Capernaum, where people are healed, the paralytic walks and power and authority is demonstrated. But this Roman Centurion observes and hears the reports and comes to the conclusion that ‘God is walking among us.’ “Only say the word and he shall be healed.”

Evangelism unleashed in the city streets

It starts at sunrise where God brews another day for us. The emotional scientists will not understand anything that is not framed in legal babel. But when we pray for the progressive at Planned Parenthood we are “saying the word and they shall be healed..” When we pray for the person who struggles with sin, and we offer gentle correction of that sin and a way out, we are then serving the culture a cup of truth and grace.” This is not always greeted with open arms. When we pray for the addicted we reach out and challenge them, “hear the word and be healed.” Then when we see a person who wants to experience healing for their sin; they realize that in the name, authority and power of Jesus they will be challenged to experience healing from their sin and addiction and freedom from a lifestyle that they have been led into. That will stop the cycle of misleading people by emotional science. The Centurion knows who Jesus is pretrial; pre-crucifixion;  pre–Resurrection and pre-ascension.

Walk this way

The Roman Centurion understands the power and authority of God to speak the word and to heal the hurt. To clarify the vision and to rescue the prisoner where his word has saved marriages; saved children from abortion; where His word has saved men and women from addictions and where He only needs to say the word and you and I can have life, instead of a “lifestyle” that you and I have been mislead to believe-then tricked to misleading others. The message is that the Progressive Street Church has the job to “rescue the prisoner, and the truth will set you free.” It is part of the Five points mission to evangelize; reach out to the least of these; provide truth in media that feeds a hungry culture; regularly engages  people in prayer and helps to build strong communities.

Progressive Street Church

The announcement that the engagement will start in Denver and Colorado Springs in July; start in Orlando in September; then engage New York in Brooklyn and Queens and Boston in October allows people to gather maps and travel guides of specific areas to pray for. All of the cities that Friendship Fellowship will engage in will be featured through the new media platform Vantage Point NY along with a media guide that includes a guide; schedule and map of target cities. If you are interested in hosting a Progressive Street Church in your town, please e-mail

Progressive street church and desperation


At a Colorado Springs coffee house this morning- community happened. It is rarely a headline news story, but perhaps it is a bigger story than the press ares to cover. On line there was dialogue between men and women, barista and teachers. This morning and standing on line between cups of Joe, Dirty Chai; Americano and espresso.  In the house are teens preparing for a worship-workshop on writing songs and communicating the message, on mission and original and traditional music.  The planned discussion and planning session merged multiple demographic groups and discussed Biblical guides to community building.

Musical desperation

The Desperation Band at New Life Church has teens (or young adults)  who are standing in line with men and women from the Ministry-Leadership and Communications Institute who are laying down the groundwork of initiatives for seeking truth and with a combination of journalists; educators;musicians and entrepreneurs, producers; fundraisers and media professionals, the aroma of coffee roasting; the energy of ideas; and the fusion of creative, business and ministry types- the scheduled planning meeting met with the Desperation folks and the plans exploded into a cup of truth and grace with caffeine; mission and purpose. The discussion  this morning focused on researching and developing digital guides of community building in four major regions every quarter beginning in July.


Front Range of Denver; Colorado Springs

Inner city ministries are the backbone to two major initiatives of the Five Points Management Group, an urban community advocate that specializes in evangelism; special needs ministry; media and culture; prayer and community building. The group manages businesses; church and ministry and communities through the ministry, leadership and communications institute and works with city; county and state agencies and government to effect rehabilitation of  the physical; financial; and community surroundings and conditions as well as the spiritual side of urban renewal. Together and integrated Five Points believes will grow into revival. “We want to save marriages and restore families,” says a Pastor who is part of the group and is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Denver. “If we bring correction and love to the neighborhood, and we challenge our neighbors, they become empowered and compelled to embrace change!” In Colorado Springs the mission is less urban but is based on married couples from various churches participating in the institute’s studies; relationship and weekly outreach to group homes; city missions; and nursing and health care centers in our town. This week’s announcement started a new idea for what the group called ‘The Progressive Street Church,” which is a combination of prayer walking with praise and worshiping and preaching.


Orlando, Boston and New York     

This week MLC Institute will launch the test phase of the media platform, Vantage Point-New York. It will feature Daily Audio Bible, original urban praise movement sets; interviews and a counseling program called Heartline with Rita Schulte a christian counselor cased in Washington, DC. The platform is a partnership with Truli Media and is both streaming online and on demand. The goal is to get sponsors and advertisers to work with programmers and content providers to support the creative; production and distribution of great content.

Research and Development

“It is also the research and development lab for new programming that will engage readers; listeners and viewers from New York to Beverly Hills, and people from Canada to Florida, to Mexico and beyond.” This is also the type of multimedia group that is integrating media channels to influence and help people be better spouses; parents and neighbors involved in their communities. “We will most likely film the progressive street church in Denver; Colorado Springs, in July. Develop new urban praise music, messages and document how different pastors impact their neighborhoods in these cities,”  says the curator of message, mission and art.” It is worthwhile to note that in September Vantage Point will be hosting and training The Progressive Street Church in Orlando, October in Boston, and Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Your Church Coffeehouse

Mission Coffee Roasters and Cafe in Colorado Springs is the leading provider of “really good coffee with a mission” and helping churches develop a coffee ministry that encompasses fundraising; small groups; and resources for people in the community. For more information on this please e-mail or Like Mission Coffee on Facebook: for a free guide to “really good coffee with a mission” and/or follow us on Twitter: